Introducing Adobe Community Help

Did you ever search Google for answers about your Adobe products? Your query could return 100,000 or a million results. The web is full of answers—but which ones are the most relevant, reliable and helpful?

As an Adobe product user, we know you have many places to look for answers and many choices for learning and support content. What if there were a way to get those answers exactly when you need them? And what if you could also learn from others’ experiences or get mutual support and ideas from expert peers?

Creative Suite 4 introduces Adobe Community Help, an integrated online environment for instruction, inspiration, and support. Community Help combines content from Adobe Help, Support, Design Center, Developer Connection, and Forums—along with great online community content—so that users can easily find the best and most up-to-date resources. Access tutorials, technical support, online product help, videos, articles, tips and techniques, blogs, examples, and much more.

Community Help enables users to contribute content and add comments to all learning content on And now it’s also easier to find and browse support and learning content on, with new product Learning and Support Centers that integrate troubleshooting, online product help, articles and examples by designers and developers all on one web page, along with a powerful search tool.

Community Help features will soon be available in all languages. Additionally, products in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Japanese will include community content and comments, moderated by Adobe and community experts.

Finding the right content

Currently in public beta and soon to be released with Creative Suite 4, Adobe Community Help relies on a new approach to search called Custom Search, an enterprise tool from Google. This tool enables us to selectively index only the most relevant information from Adobe from the highest-quality community sites.Our Custom Search index includes content such as product Help, language references, TechNotes, Developer Connection articles, and Design Center tutorials, as well as the best online content from the Adobe community. Adobe is working with local professionals in North America, Europe and Asia—designers and developers who use Adobe products every day—to identify learning and troubleshooting content to add to our custom search engine. This means that you find the focused answers you need faster than with standard web searches.

Expert users around the world have shared their knowledge of Adobe products on the web—in articles, forum posts, tutorials, blogs, examples, videos, and more. Their day-to-day experiences inform and inspire other designers and developers. We’re adding the best of these sites to our custom index. Community experts help Adobe determine what new content should be developed. Because Community Help is online, we can continuously add and update content after our product release. We plan to add more real world examples of code and design as users find new and creative ways to apply Creative Suite 4 to their design and development challenges.

If you find a valuable web page or community site, please send us feedback or post a comment here on this blog.

Community participation

Community Help comprises content from people across the Adobe community. Community participation—from sharing comments and resources to getting feedback—enhances the value of that content for everyone. You can contribute to this collective expertise in many ways, whether you share an article, a great learning website, or an idea.

Comments are an easy way to lend your expertise to a specific learning article or topic. Commenting is enabled on Creative Suite 4 instructional content on, as well as Flex 3 and Photoshop Lightroom 2. Your comment can include code samples, tips, undocumented scenarios, or links to additional resources. Or you can identify an error or typo in the text. If your contribution is helpful, you will earn Adobe Community points that you can use to grow your community reputation or earn nomination to be an expert moderator for Community Help.

If you can’t find the right resource to help you with your product, you can post a question for other community members to answer. We want to know when there is missing content that would be useful for community members. Such content that already exists within the community can be identified and indexed, or we can work with the community to fill that gap by creating new content.

Using Community Help

Community Help search is easy to find. Most Creative Suite 4 products have the in-product search field. You can type your query in the product and launch a custom search. You can launch custom search from the search field inside any CS4 product help page. (If you’re working offline, for most products you will be able to use local help search.) If you’re already on, you can use the search field on any product Learning and Support web page. When your search results appear, you can refine your search in several ways, such as focusing on a different product, a specific reference guide, or perhaps just content.

Choosing Help from your CS4 product Help menu takes you directly to an online product Learning and Support Center—your hub for community-based instruction, inspiration, and support. You can also browse to product centers on

Each product has its own Learning and Support Center with access to the following:

  • Product online help, technical support, and customer service.
  • Getting Started—what you need to start using your new CS4 product, whether you’re a new user or just want to learn new features. Includes the new Learn CS4 programs on Adobe TV with getting started, new features, and suite workflow video tutorials for every product in the suites.
  • Troubleshooting—top technical support notes.
  • Editors’ picks—tutorials, articles, videos, samples, and galleries.
  • Community—forums, blogs, and events.
  • Community Help custom search.

We’re very excited about Community Help and committed to ongoing improvements and additions. Please let us know what you think—what works and what we can improve. Community Help is online, so we will update it regularly—not only with new content but also with new features that community member’s request.

5 Responses to Introducing Adobe Community Help

  1. Saeed Ashour says:

    Hi …Guys are you considering support more languages? not Latin ones !!and how anyone can add his\her site to be archived?thanks

  2. Mike Rankin says:

    ColdFusion is missing from the list of products, although quite a few results can be found for it.

  3. Seems quite handy. I believe it will make working with Adobe easy and quick.

  4. Ulf G says:

    When I am told to backup my photoshop elements catalog, I click on backup but I get a message that the cd-driver is not installed, and I am asked to reload the program. I do that and click repair, but I can not backup still. what to do? if I reload the whole program will I not lose the catalog ?

  5. Ulf G says:

    When I am told to backup my photoshop elements catalog, I click on backup but I get a message that the cd-driver is not installed, and I am asked to reload the program. I do that and click repair, but I can not backup still. what to do? if I reload the whole program will I not lose the catalog ?