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It’s been a little over a week since we announced and I’m excited to see our lil’ ol’ webservice picking up some coverage in the news. Here’s a few excerpts and highlights.

First, there are our friends over at Google…
“Adobe is using Google Site Search as part of Creative Suite 4’s Community Help to connect suite customers to Help content on and off”

And our very own John Nack doing a guest spot on the official Google Blog:
“We’ve plugged the whole community brain trust right into the Suite and used the power of Google Site Search to do it. Creative Suite 4 customers can find fast, relevant information from our online communities, without ever having to leave their desktop work environments, making design faster and more fun.”

Followed by a round-up from the following sites:CNET By Stephen Shankland“There are plenty of sites with Lightroom development presets, Photoshop editing recipes, Flash programming tips, and other such information, so if successful, the Adobe site–in beta for now–could be a more effective way to dig up what’s online.”
By Nathania Johnson“Adobe released Creative Suite 4 this week and included with the update is a Google Site Search-powered help feature. Google Site Search is used with the new Adobe Community Help, which harnesses the power of social media and online communities to provide another source of support.”iTWireBy Stephen Withers“Now a mainstream vendor has realised it can make life easier for its customers by tapping into the wealth of unofficial support information that’s available on the web … Adobe Creative Suite 4 is linked to the company’s Community Help site. This uses Google Site Search to selectively index “the best online content from the Adobe community” as well as Adobe’s own reference material and tutorials.”Oh … and by the way, some folks also noticed that we actually published our CS4 Help systems BEFORE ship… 🙂 Yes, we meant to do that.InDesignSecrets.comBy David Blatner“I’m kind of shocked to report this, but the entire documentation for InDesign CS4 has been released on the Web at Bob Bringhurst, lead docs writer for InDesign and InCopy reported this news today.”PubliciousBy Mike RankinNews of CS4 is all over the place, but you can’t buy the programs yet. However, you can read and download the entire Help files for InDesign and InCopy CS4. They are free and open to the public. Yeah, it’s a little like reading the script to a movie that hasn’t been released yet.If you find any additional mentions you’d like to send along, slap a comment here on the page and we’ll add ’em to our scrapbook.

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