OpenSearch plugins available for your browser

If you use one of the later versions of Firefox or Internet Explorer, you’re probably aware of the built-in search field, usually located in the top-right corner of your browser’s UI, which provides instance access to the most popular search engines. If you’re one of those geekier types (like us :)), you also know that this search field can be easily customized to point to virtually any custom search engine, not just the big, popular ones.

What we’ve done recently in Community Help was to release a set of OpenSearch plugins that do just that: they make your browser’s search field point to a custom search engine dedicated to your favorite Adobe product. So if you’re an avid ColdFusion programmer or Photoshop power user, you can trigger a search right from your browser, which will serve high-quality results for that particular product.

Browser search

Read along to see how this works.


When you browse or search the Community Help website , you will be prompted to install the OpenSearch plugin for that particular Adobe product in your browser. (you need to select your favorite product, such as After Effects, Dreamweaver, Flash, or Photoshop)When the pop-up appears, please select “Add it” to install the plugin.Once you add the plugin to your browser, you’ll be able to initiate searches for that particular Adobe product right from your browser.If you don’t like the idea, you can simply dismiss the pop-up by closing it, and we’ll never bother you again with that question.Troubleshooting: If you need to re-install the plugin, but you cannot get to the pop-up again, please delete the ach-opensearch cookie from your browser. This is a temporary work-around, until we implement a landing page where you will be able to choose to (re)install any of the plugins.

How it’s build

This feature is made possible by OpenSearch, a set of open source XML-based formats for sharing of search results among applications.So try it and let us know how it works for you!

2 Responses to OpenSearch plugins available for your browser

  1. Saeed ashour says:

    Hi …is there any plans for adding this plugin to chrome ?thankse

  2. Hi Saeed,we don’t officially support Google Chrome yet but apart from a glitch in the user prompt design OpenSearch seems to be working fine in this browser.