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Enable Universal Voice for Integrated Telephony Adaptor

The basic purpose of this changes would be to combine the features of UV and Integrated Telephony

1. Enable Audio Broadcast in Meeting for VOIP users (available in UV however not in Integrated telephony). VOIP and telephony users collaborate.

2. Dial Out from meeting, enabled users to be able to dial themselves from the meeting room (available in Integrated telephony however not in UV)

Prerequisite: Flash Media Gateway configured with SIP settings.

Add the following snippet within the <telephony-adaptor></telephony-adaptor> tag for any provider you want to enable for UV.

For PGI NA Adaptor:


For PGI EMEA Adaptor:


For Intercall Adaptor:


Additional information:

<conf-num>: The phone number for the audio conference. This element must be first in the dial-in-sequence. You can only have one <conf-num> element. The adaptor provides the value in the curly brackets {}.
<delay>: A delay in the dialing sequence, in milliseconds.
<dtmf>: A DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency) tone. A DTMF value can be any number or letter on a telephony keypad, including * and #.

Text Limitation in Connect Meeting Chat Pod

User may often complain about text missing from Chat Pod of the meeting. The purpose of this guide to to explain how Chat History in retained in various aspects.

  • Total history of chat saved at the server is 5,000 messages (public + pvt). This is the same history that will be e-mailed to the hosts, if they ask for it.
  • When a client connects for the first time, he receives only the last 250 chat messages from the server.
  • All future chats are added to his chat area.
  • However when the characters in chat window exceed 50,000 it is trimmed to half i.e. all complete chat lines are kept such that   total characters are less than 25,000.
  • It is to be noted here that total characters present counted here are of html formatted text and also include the html tags.
  • Hence number of chat lines seen at the client end are not fixed and depend upon the length of the chats and formatting.

Connect Recording Playback Issues with Flash Player 11.4

We have just released a technote outlining a known issue with Flash Player 11.4 and Connect Meeting recording playback.

Please review the technote here:

Support for Windows 8 in Adobe Connect (versions 8 and 9)

We have just released a technote outlining our support for Windows 8 with Adobe Connect. Please review the technote here:

New Support Webinar: Recording Architecture and Basic Edits

On September 28th we conducted what we hope to be the first of many public webinars hosted by the Adobe Connect support team. The first was presented by Lauren Gardner and Jaydeep Chakravarty, a recording of which can be found here:

Support teams from Adobe’s other products are also participating in this webinar initiative; future webinars can be found on our main events page, although we hope to make a separate page for support webinars in the future.

Adobe Events:

Presenter 8 Enterprise Deployment

As more organizations look to deploy Presenter 8 on their networks,  users may discover that as part of the install and setup, Adobe ID credentials are required now to complete the installation.

To work around this, IT administrators will have to create an install package via the AAMEE tool. The IT administrator will have to enter a valid Adobe ID/Password while creating the package and that ID will be used during the enterprise deployment installations.  There will be no Adobe ID login requests at client machines as that is taken care of by AAMEE during package deployment.

The deployment guide on the AAMEE link below says the following:

You can choose options that affect the behavior of the installed applications, such as suppressing the display of the EULA upon launch of the installed programs on end-user systems, and suppressing registration prompts, automatic updating activity and the Adobe Product Improvement program for the installed products.

The deployment guide and FAQs are pretty exhaustive and should answer and address most of the questions users and admins should have.



Also, AAMEE is the only supported tool for silent installation for enterprises.

Should users or admins have problems with this tool not deploying as desired, please share the steps, package details and logs (OOBElib.log and PDApp.log file of client machine) with the Adobe Support Team.



Adobe Connect 9 Service Startup Error;Invalid byte 3 of 3-byte UTF-8 sequence

Problem :

After migrating our Adobe Connect server from version 8 to 9, the Adobe Connect console doesn’t come up.

The services either fail to start completely or when they start, I keep getting a Not Ready message.

Error Message :

Following is the error message that should be noted in the logs :


[11-14 02:46:09] WrapperStartStopAppMain (INFO) Loading imports…
[11-14 02:46:10] WrapperStartStopAppMain (INFO) LocalizedMessage.addLanguage(), processed language: en, file: C:\Breeze\\appserv\apps/lang/en.xml
[11-14 02:46:11] WrapperStartStopAppMain (INFO) LocalizedMessage.addLanguage(), processed language: fr, file: C:\Breeze\\appserv\apps/lang/fr.xml
[11-14 02:46:11] WrapperStartStopAppMain (INFO) LocalizedMessage.addLanguage(), processed language: de, file: C:\Breeze\\appserv\apps/lang/de.xml
[11-14 02:46:11] WrapperStartStopAppMain (INFO) Exception occurred in startup.
[11-14 02:46:11] WrapperStartStopAppMain (ERROR) Invalid byte 3 of 3-byte UTF-8 sequence.

Environment :

Adobe Connect Licensed

Reason :

If you are upgrading your Adobe Connect server from an older version to version 9, you might run into this issue.

This is a known bug # 3045436, caused due to incorrect language files, incorrectly bundled with the Connect 9 installer

Solution :

If you are unable to get the Connect services back up after running an upgrade and you find the above error in the debug.log file, you may follow these steps to get rid of this issue :

1-  Logon to your Adobe Connect server

2-  Replace the C:\Breeze\\appserv\apps\lang folder with this folder : lang_from_cps_build

3-  Restart the Adobe Connect services

4-  You should be able to get rid of this problem

 You may call support for any assistance


Adobe Connect 9 Events | CQ Integration multiple domains


How to Integrate your Adobe Connect 9 server with an external CQ server across multiple domains

With your Adobe Connect 9 software, if you have Event management functionality enabled and you are setting it up with an external CQ server, that’s listed on a separate domain, different from the Adobe Connect domain, here are a few additional settings that need to be configured, to make it fully functional :

Environment :

  • Adobe Connect 9 Licensed
  • Applies to when Adobe Connect and CQ server are on separate domains

Adobe Connect FQDN :,

CQ server FQDN :

Steps to Follow :

 Navigate to the {root-install}\Breeze\ folder

  Open the custom.ini file in an editor

 Add the following parameter at the end of the file :


  Now Restart the Adobe Connect services

 If you are in a cluster, perform this activity on all the nodes

 This should be helpful in making your Events module entirely functional with your Adobe Connect 9.

 This allows CQ server to authenticate itself from inside Adobe Connect while viewing/modifying event related information(registration,templates,catalog etc), without requiring users to authenticate separately on the CQ server, while they are already logged in to the Adobe Connect server.

Adobe Connect 9 | Contents won’t load in iFrames

Problem :

Since we’ve got our Adobe Connect servers upgraded to version 9, our contents embedded in iFrames have stopped working.

None of our contents and recordings seem to work now from our website in any browser we use. This has always used to work, since a couple of months, until just a few days ago.

Environment :

Adobe Connect   Hosted/Licensed

Reason :

  • If you have integrated your Adobe Connect contents or recordings, with an external LMS system or on an external website for users, via the use of iFrames, and if your Adobe Connect server is upgraded to version 9, you might run into this issue.
  • Adobe has recognized this to be caused due to a known bug : Bug#3313120.

Solution :

** This has been fixed with Connect version 9 now **

Temporary subscription issue identified and corrected for Adobe Connect

On Oct. 1, 2012, approximately 200 Adobe Connect web conferencing  customers were charged multiple times for renewals made via our online order processing system.

We’ve identified a fix to our online order processing system for Adobe Connect, and have begun deploying it.

Customers who were affected are being contacted directly today, and we are in the process of crediting back those customers for incorrect charges. In addition, we are offering affected customers six months of additional Adobe Connect service free of charge.

This issue affected a very small percentage of Adobe Connect customers. Adobe Connect is sold primarily to enterprises directly and via resellers. The online order processing system services individuals who purchase an account online on a pay-per-minute or per-host basis.