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Review Mode message is not shown to user when a quiz is published directly (HTML5) to Connect.


Problem :

Review Mode message is not shown to user when a quiz is published directly (HTML5) to Connect.

Environment :

Connect 9.0 and Above

Captivate 6.0 or later


  1. Insert question slides.
  2. After result slide, insert some content slides.
  3. Publish to connect directly.
  4. Pass the quiz
  5. Close the course.
  6. launch the course again.
  7. Browser title shows Review MODE but message is not displayed to user.


This has been identified as a Bug#3374752.


Whiteboard overlay position is not correct if a participant is promoted to a host.


Whiteboard overlay on a pptx, the position is not correct if a participant is promoted to a host and show sidebar to participant checkbox is selected.


Adobe Connect 8.2 and above.


1. Enter in a meeting with 2 or more hosts.
2. Share a PPTX file.
3. Click on draw button and draw a shape.
4. From share pod’s chevron menu, click on Show Presentation playbar option. Click on show sidebar button in the mini-playbar that opens up.
5. Click on show sidebar to participants check box to check the checkbox.
6.  Make the share pod smaller in size such that playbar is now in mini-mode for both the hosts.
7. Now click on show sidebar checkbox again.
8. See the overlay’s position on the other hosts side.


We’ve identified this as a bug(Bug#3575917).

Seminar Invitation using Send Email option doesn’t open MS-Outlook in different languages


When user creates a new seminar, schedules a session and after having attendees in invitation, click on Send Email button which is supposed top open MS-Outlook dialog box doesn’t work in languages and browses for Russian(IE & Chrome & Firefox), Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish(Firefox only).


Connect 9 Seminars


The MS-Outlook dialog is not popping up when clicking on send invitation to attendees of participants in a Seminar Room in different locales.


This is a limitation of mailto: URI scheme (max length). For some locales like Russian (RU), the length exceeds the limitation imposed by certain browsers and It may come up with an error.

“Don’t show this dialog again” in Connect Meeting doesn’t work with all browsers

When Host enters the Meeting room which has an associated Audio Profile and starts meeting audio dialog box which opens the a dialog and on selecting “Don’t show this dialog again”, if another computer is used, it shows up same dialog box again.

The issue is observed when Chrome is used. In Chrome, if any host selects “Don’t show this dialog again” option in the Start Audio dialog box, this won’t be remembered if he opens the meeting in any other browser/in addin. The issue occurs only in Pepper Flash in Chrome browser.

Permission issue while publishing content from Captivate 6 to Adobe Connect server

Issue:  Swf to set permission for content is not loaded when user is trying to publish content to adobe connect server.

 Steps to reproduce:

 1) Create a Captivate 6 content.

2) Click publish, select method as Adobe connect select valid server and click publish.

3) Provide valid adobe connect credentials and go to publish page.

4) Provide content name and click next. Observe customize permission page is open.

5) Click customize. Observe edit permissions page.


Edit permissions page is open , however swf to change permission is not loaded.

This is a Bug 3161566 in Adobe connect and will be resolved in 9.2

 Expected:  Swf to change permission should get loaded.


On Connect server we can edit the permissions by navigating to the content info page –> Set Permissions and then change the permissions

Video freezes in meeting rooms using Logitech HD Pro Web Cam C920 | Connect 9.1

Problem :

If you are using a Logitech HD Pro WebCam C920 in your meeting, there might be a few instances when you might find your video freezing in the session.

We’ve found this happening when a user is running under wide screen mode, his web cam feed might freeze when switching between layouts.


Environment :

Adobe Connect 9.1


Reason :

We’ve identified this as a bug(Bug#3575917) and is under investigation with our Connect Engineering Teams. More updates to follow.


Presenter 9 upload error ; Connect session timed out

Problem :

Publishing a presentation created in Presenter 9 to Connect pro might throw “Connect session timed out” error if shared in a meeting room share pod.

Users might notice this issue every time meeting host moves to a next slide in a Presentation shared inside a meeting.

Environment :

Adobe Connect 8/9 ; Presenter 9

Reason :

We’ve identified this as a bug(Bug#3598671) and is under investigation with our Connect and Presenter Engineering Teams.  This is expected to be fixed with Connect 9.1 version coming out soon. More updates to follow.

Workaround :

Following workaround may be applied by any users experiencing this :

  • Use Presenter 8.x to publish PPTX files.
  • Upload the PPTX file directly in the share pod/Content library and then share it in the meeting room rather than publishing it using Presenter 9.


Adobe Connect 9.1 Upgrade Checklist

Are you ready for the upcoming release of Adobe Connect 9.1?   Click the link below to review the newly published upgrade checklist and make sure you are ready for some important changes and new requirements with the 9.1 release.



We should not show course,folder and curriculum in My templates folder

Problem: User should not be able to create folder , curriculum and course from my templates folder situated under my training section because even if one created this VC room, it will not be launched with selecting any course and curriculum.

1. login to the Adobe Connect Server and click on My training
2. click on My templates
3. verify

It shows course,folder, curriculum under my templates

This should not be present under my templates

Workaround: As of now, no work around however this is found in 9.1 and expected to be fixed in later versions.

Minimize the add-in window when uploading a zip format presenter file , add-in cannot launch normally.

Problem: User when Minimizes the add-in window while uploading a zip format presenter file , add-in cannot launch normally.

1. Login to Connect server and create a meeting.
2. Host enters the meeting, a guest/user enters the meeting from other computer.
3. Host shares a zip format presenter file: Share Document->Browser My Computer->select a presenter file with .zip format.
4. When the file is uploading, minimize the add-in window.
5. After some time, see the file is open and share to guest/user, host click the connect add-in icon to launch from the taskbar.

Add-in can not launch normally, it is a blank window.

Add-in should launch normally, host can see pods in meeting.

Workaround: As of now we don’t have any workaround and this bug will be fixed in the future release.