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February 4, 2014 /Meeting /

Adobe Connect Addin; Unable to screen share with PPAPI plugin enabled in Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome and trying to share your screen in a meeting session, you might encounter one of the below issues :


Users cannot screen share when using Google Chrome


Add [*.] to Google Chrome list of exceptions


1. Launch Google Chrome

2. Enter chrome://settings/contentExceptions#ppapi-broker in the address bar

3. Add the exceptions as follows:

3a. Under the Hostname pattern, add this string: [*.]

3b. Under Behavior: Allow

3c. Click Done

4. Launch your Connect meeting in the add-in mode



Users launch meeting in the Flash Player (launcher=false),  when clicking on the ‘Share My Screen’ button, users get an error “Adobe Connect Add-in is incompatible with default settings of your version of Google Chrome.”


1. Adding the exceptions to Google Chrome by following the steps in Problem#1

2. Close the meeting

3. Re-launch the meeting within the Connect add-in (launcher=true)


Following error might be visible in the meeting room upon screen sharing :



Environments in which the scenario might produce :

Windows , Adobe Connect Addin , Google Chrome browser, Hosted/On-Premise Solution