Adobe Connect connection test page fails in step 2 on Google Chrome

PROBLEM : – Adobe connect meeting connection test page fails in connection to FMS on Google chrome even though i have removed MS Patch (MS12-006 )which is conflicting with the TLS/SSL handshake

The same test page successfully completes step 2 on firefox web browser

Sample connection test page URL -: https://your-connect-url/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm

SOLUTION -: This is applicable when connect server is secured via SSL and chrome browser has Flash Pepper (PPAPI) plug-in

 Disable the default Flash Pepper (PPAPI) plug-in in Chrome 21 as per the screenshots


  1. Type chrome://plugins in a browser tab (Figure 1).
  2. Expand Details in the upper-right area of the screen (Figure 1).
  3. Click Disable for the PPAPI Flash plug-in. Ensure that the NPAPI Flash plug-in listed below the PPAPI Flash plug-in is not disabled.
  4. Refresh the browser tab.


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