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August 10, 2012 /General /

Adobe Connect Operation size error

Problem :

I am unable to upload any content to my Adobe Connect meeting room. Every time I try to upload, I am encountered by an error :  Operation Failed – Error Code: operation-size-error, SubCode: missing.

I am even unable to upload any content to the server itself.

Reason :

Adobe Connect, by default, is set up with a limit, configured for a maximum number of row/transaction updates, allowed by a SQL query.

The reason to have these parameters, is to provide more control, to the system admins, over normal users, running large queries/transactions. System admins can increase these values, at the server side, if they encounter this issue.

Solution  :

If you are running into this error, you can simply go ahead & increase the max update limit, by following the below outlined simple steps :

1) Navigate to the {root-install}\breeze\8.x folder on your Adobe Connect server

2) Open the custom.ini file in an editor

3) Add the following parameters to the file :



4) Restart the Adobe Connect services


Note : This solution only applies to on-premise installs.