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August 10, 2012 /Administration /General /

Adobe Connect | Override the default SMTP port


Problem :

I cannot configure my SMTP server with Adobe  Connect, because my SMTP server requires a different port, other than the default 25.

Environment :

Adobe Connect Licensed 8.x, 9.x

Solution :

If you have an SMTP server that is setup to use a different port other than the default port configured with connect, here are a few simple steps you can follow to achieve it.

Connect can be configured to use a different port for smtp :

    1.  Navigate to the {root-install}\breeze\8.x\appserv\conf  folder on your Adobe Connect server(Note : The path would be under 9.x folder for a 9.x Connect version)

    2.  Open the ConnectProSvc.conf  file in an editor

    3.  Add the following additional java wrapper anywhere in the file :  

  , where XXX denotes your smtp server’s port.

    4.  If you’re using gmail, following extra wrapper should be required :

    5.  Restart the Adobe Connect services to allow the changes to take effect.


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  • By tmackay - 9:49 AM on August 14, 2013  

    This helped me configure SMTP using gmail ( by adding: