Adobe Connect SIP and NAT issues

PROBLEM:-  I have configured the SIP settings with a new SIP provider but the call is not getting established when dialing onto the audio conference bridge, Audio conference bridge provider claims that they have received your call.

REASON:- Your Adobe connect server/ Flash Media Gateway(FMG) is deployed behind NAT and its domain /IP is not routable on internet, When you dial into the audio bridge through SIP , SIP header carries the local/internal IP address of FMG/Connect server and remote SIP provider does not have any idea how to reach to the local/internal IP address.

SOLUTION :- There are two ways to fix this

1. Adding Global Address tag in sip.xml file.

Add/Replace the below tag on sip.xml file on profileID sipGateway


your-connect-domain could be a domain name , IP address which should be routable on internet.




2. Deploy FMG on another server/box having a public domain/ IP access.


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