Adobe Connect Stunnel prompting for passphrase when server/services restarts

PROBLEM -: Whenever the connect server is restarted , I cannot open the login page/meeting room stuck on connecting bar.

I have migrated/installed the SSL configuration to stunnel , When i start stunnel service , it prompts for passphrase

SOLUTION –: It looks like the key file has the passphrase and it needs to be removed.

1. Make sure that the S-Tunnel executable has been installed as a windows service and is set to automatic.

You can install the stunnel as windows service as per the steps below

Open command prompt and change the current prompt to stunnel directory as – cd C:\Breeze\x.x.x.x\stunnel

stunnel.exe -install

2. If you have a passphrase on your SSL certificates , Remove it using openssl command

You can download openssl from here openssl

To install openssl , follow the steps 2,3 and 4 from kbdoc

3. Open Command Prompt and execute the command

cd C:\openssl\bin

openssl rsa -in certificate.key.current -out

4 . The above command looks for certificate.key ( exsisting SSL key file) , removes the passphrase and generates the new key file

5. Copy the file , rename it according to the existing key file name convention under stunnel folder.

6. Restart the stunnel service to verify that the key file does not prompts for passphrase.


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