Adobe connect users getting re-connected to meeting room

PROBLEM -: Meeting users are getting re-connected to the meeting room randomly within a second.

My connect server is hosted on Amazon EC2 cloud on windows 2008 R2 OS.


1. Capture the connect add-in logs generated on the user’s computer joining on the meeting room, To generate addin logs follow the KB Doc

The connect addin logs would be generated on client/user side , not on the server side.

2. Open the connectaddin log file generated under your documents folder when you expreience reconnects.

3. If you find the lines -:

Player   TRACE: StreamHandler::public/all/screenshare_0::NetStream onStatus for stream: public/all/screenshare_0, code: NetStream.Play.InsufficientBW

4.  And your server is hosted in the Amazon EC2 cloud and has Win 2008 64 bit OS.

5. The fix for this is to switch onto Win 2003 OS

6. This is a known issue reported by a lot of users having Win 2008 server hosted on Amazon EC2 cloud, on this video streaming issue. You can check the blog at

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