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Information about Connect Meeting Add-in

Adobe Connect Add-in is a version of Flash Player that includes enhanced features for Adobe Connect meetings, such as screen-sharing capabilities. When Adobe Connect Add-in is required, it is downloaded from an Adobe server in a seamless process that is hidden to the user. However, if your organization does not allow employees to download software from external servers, you can host Adobe Connect Add-in on your own server.

We do have few questions regarding the Add-in:
- How the Add-in works?
- What all file rights we need?
- What is the file location?

Below is the answers for all these questions:

– Addin is basically Flash Player (11.9) with some enhancements and additional functionalities:
– Screen share
– Toast windows
– Codecs
–  Audio enhancements

-It requires standard user rights.

-The files are located at %appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player\\bin\adobeconnectaddin
adobeconnectaddin.exe – The main executable
digest.s – file used by Flash Player to verify that the addin has not been modified
meetingconvertor.dll – used to convert PPTX files to PPT on the client side to enhance ppt conversion fidelity
connecthook.dll – used while screen sharing to allow IPC between shared applications and addin to start/stop share

Value of App data depends on Operating System on which it is installed. For reference :

Unable to play Video Stream through Webcam.


Issue:  Webcam and microphone not working in Connect meeting session. However if we use any other user (log in credentials to log in into the system) then it will start working which indicates system, microphone and webcam are working fine.

Reason: The reason can be the flash settings on the specific user. Below is the tag that helps us disabling the microphone and webcam from the system. This tag is stored in mms.cfg file on the location C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash

AVHardwareDisable    Lets you prevent SWF files from accessing webcams or microphones.


Resolution:  Rename the mms.cfg file or remove the above mentioned entry from the file which disables AV to work.

Hot Spot questions not working for PPT files

Problem :
If you create one PPT file and then go to Quiz and add a hot spot question and then publish it the Hot Spot question will not work.

Environment :
Adobe Connect 9.0

1. Create one PPT file

2. Go to quiz -> add quiz -> add new question and add hot spot question

3. Publish to server

4.Hot Spot questions don’t work. They work fine for PPTX file

It’s a known Presenter limitation.

Best practices to be shared in order to avoid disconnects.



– Bandwidth issue.

-Network issue.

-Anti-virus/security software issue.

-Tunneled connection (rtmpt) issue.

Steps to Follow:

–  Try to take the Test Meeting Connection.URL to test it is: will help us to gather the information about Flash player, Bandwidth, connection speed, Add in.

–  To find the version of Flash Player and Add- in version by taking the test Meeting Connection and then click on Send result >> Details .

–  Try deleting the flash cookies from the link: .

–  Verify for user’s system requirement for the meeting. URL to check is: .

–  Verify if user is using VPN or not. If YES then we can expect latency and user disconnect in the meeting room as VPN makes the bandwidth slow.

–  Verify if the user is on wired network or on wireless. Wireless network may cause problems if the user doesn’t have good connection speed.

–  You can refer the below link for bandwidth which can help you to prevent users from dropping from the meeting room. URL is: .

–  Check if firewall is blocking connect from working. If YES then add an exception for it and then try if it works.

–  We can also check if customer is on tunneled connection (rtmpt). To check that click on the help option on the top right hand side corner then hold the Shift key and click on About Adobe Connect. There you will get the data like


Its rtmps as of now but for customers if its rtmpt then that means 1935 port is blocked at their end so ask them to contact there Network Team to unblock that port.