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How to move various Content from one location to another in Connect Account

Issue Statement

A user’s content that includes meeting rooms, uploaded presentations, sundry files, recordings, etc.may have to be moved to another user’s content/location within same connect account. There is a GUI driven option in Connect central and there is also the sco move API. The following instructions describe how to use the API to move Connect resources.


Adobe Connect hosted, on-premise, Managed-ISP and ACMS


Use Web Services API Calls to move Connect resources manually.

Steps To be followed

  1. Login to Connect and Click on Content Tab
  2. Check the URL in the browser address and it will appear as follows:
  4. Or similarly if you click on the Meetings tab, you will see a URL appear as follows:
  6. Notice the value “SCO-ID”
  7. Every type of resource, whether training course, presentation, meeting, recording, etc. in Connect has a unique values called the Sco-id. Connect identifies all resources by the Sco-id.
  8. Every Location has a Sco-ID as well: User Meetings will have a sco-id, Shared Meetings will have a sco-id and My Meetings will have a sco-id and same goes for Content and Courses.
  9. To Move the content from one location or a user profile to another location or user profile, we can use “SCO-MOVE” Api.
  10. Find the sco-id of source content by going to content and checking the URL in browser and keep it handy.
  11. For example, we have to move a Content ‘test.pdf’ from ‘My Content’ to User Content> ABC Content in your account which has the URL
  12. Go to My Content and click on test.pdf and check SCO-ID from address bar from browser. Let us take it as 11111 Keep the sco-id handy.
  13. Go to ‘User Content> ABC Content and check the sco-id from address bar in browser and this will be destination location sco-id or folder id. Let it be 99999
  14. Run the API on browser
    http://ConnectURL/api/xml?action=sco-move&folder-id={destinationlocationScoid}&sco-id={source content sco-id}
  15. In the above example the URL will be Hit enter. If you get a ‘Status OK’ message in browser, it means the content has been moved successfully.
  16. If you don’t get ‘status OK’ message, you may not be logged in or not have access to that location. It is preferred to use an admin account to avoid such issues.
  17. You can repeat the steps for any content or meeting or recording and move it in just few clicks.

How to check if a Custom URL is available for your Content in Connect

Issue Statement:

There are situations when we need a Custom URL for a meeting or content or training but it may be already used and we get to know about it only when we enter & proceed. If we can check in advance whether a custom name for URL exists in advance, it would be a better experience.


Connect Hosted, Connect Licensed, Creation of Meeting, Presentation, Courses URL

How To Steps:

  1. Login to Adobe Connect
  2. Go to Administration
  3. Go to Account tab and click Reports
  4. Select ‘Custom URL Management’ and click on View
  5. Enter the URL you want to use for your Content/Meeting to check if it is being used and Search
  6. 6.    If URL is already assigned, it will show the result or else it will display a message in red color There is no Custom URL matching your search request or it is a reserved Custom URL. Please try again.                      Suggestion: Make sure the Custom URL is spelled correctly.”
  7. This means URL is available and user can choose it as their custom URL.



Seminar Invitation using Send Email option doesn’t open MS-Outlook in different languages


When user creates a new seminar, schedules a session and after having attendees in invitation, click on Send Email button which is supposed top open MS-Outlook dialog box doesn’t work in languages and browses for Russian(IE & Chrome & Firefox), Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish(Firefox only).


Connect 9 Seminars


The MS-Outlook dialog is not popping up when clicking on send invitation to attendees of participants in a Seminar Room in different locales.


This is a limitation of mailto: URI scheme (max length). For some locales like Russian (RU), the length exceeds the limitation imposed by certain browsers and It may come up with an error.

“Don’t show this dialog again” in Connect Meeting doesn’t work with all browsers

When Host enters the Meeting room which has an associated Audio Profile and starts meeting audio dialog box which opens the a dialog and on selecting “Don’t show this dialog again”, if another computer is used, it shows up same dialog box again.

The issue is observed when Chrome is used. In Chrome, if any host selects “Don’t show this dialog again” option in the Start Audio dialog box, this won’t be remembered if he opens the meeting in any other browser/in addin. The issue occurs only in Pepper Flash in Chrome browser.

Adobe Connect Database Server Best Practices for Performance Optimization

Tuning up Database Activities in a Licensed Adobe Connect Server

Below are the Best Practices for Tuning up the performance in an On Premise Connect Server

1. Below entries in Cutom.ini to support any query delays


2. Use of Covered Index.

A covered index is an index that can satisfy a query just by its index keys without having the need to touch the data pages. This is one of the fastest methods to retrieve data in SQL Server.

Tuning Connect database using Covered Index

To harden the Connect database to facilitate robust support of a high-volume, on-premise Connect clustered deployment, employ a covered index. As of the writing of this article, Connect version 9.0.4 has been released. With 9.0.4 and prior versions of Connect going back to version 7.5, it is prudent to use this index. The index is on ACL_ID and QUOTA_ID. These are the 2 conditions in the queries. The index covers all of the columns returned by the SELECT queries. By adding this covering index, Connect now chooses to do an index seek on the new index rather than the index scan on the primary key. Because it is a covering index, SQL server has all the data it needs in the index, and does not need to go back to the table to get more columns. This results in much less IO and effectively eliminates ACL_QUOTAS deadlock issues that are otherwise prone to appear under heavy load.

CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [cs_custom_cover_quotas] ON [dbo].[PPS_ACL_QUOTAS]

Note: Be sure to drop this index prior to running any upgrades or updates to Connect as it may be problematic with any updater that touches the Connect database.
For versions after 9.0.4, please check with Adobe to employing this as it may already be added to Connect via the updated installer.

3. Recommended Practices to be taken care while setting up

• Place the OS, data, and log directories on separate disk drives for improved performance
• Temp DB should also be on a separate disk drive.
• SQL data on striped disks can be a major tuning benefit.
• Reindex and Update Statistics regularly.
• Defragment OS data and log files regularly
• Ensure minimal latency between Connect and SQL Server
• The more RAM the better. Everything works much faster in memory. The more of the DB you can keep in memory the better.
• Never virtualize the DB server
• Priority that you should keep these things on separate disks. Top = most important is OS then Connect, SQL & Data, Log & TempDB
• Breaking tempdb into multiple files will be helpful as Microsoft recommends that number of CPU’s –1 = number of tempdb files.

• Follow the Best Practices of MS SQL SERVER