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In Connect 9.1 the Invitation TAB is replaced with Sessions TAB in seminar room.

Problem Description :- In the earlier versions of connect ( 9, 8 or earlier ) we use to have an Invitation TAB in Seminar section using which a host can send an invite to all the participants,hosts,presenters listed in Edit participant TAB by selecting from a drop down as shown below in the picture :


Now in Connect 9.1 This Invitations TAB is replaced with Sessions TAB in Seminar Section.


In the new version of Connect 9.1 to send an invite to ( participants, hosts and presenters) the workflow has changed. Now when the user creates a session, the only option they get is the below screen shot where when user Press the “Send Now” button it launches an Outlook message with only Host email in the TO: field. The rest of the email’s for ( participants, hosts and presenters) user needs to populate manually.



Initially we used to have Participant Management functionality for Invitation TAB however now since we have replaced that with a new Session TAB which does not have a Participant management functionality because every seminar session will have a different set of participants and currently there is no way to specify participants per session, user has to send the invite through their default mailbox/mail server for instance Outlook, Gmail etc.



How to convert recordings to MP4

Description :- How to convert recordings to MP4 in Adobe Connect 9.1 ?

Solution :-

Before getting starting, please be aware of the following:

  •  The MP4 conversion service is a paid service, contact your reseller for how to purchase this feature
  •  The administrator will need to enable this feature for your account after purchase
  •  It is not available for On-Premise customers

Step 1:-  You will need to enable the MakeMP4 option from Administration >> Compliance and Control >> Recordings and Notice.


Step 2:- Now Browse to the desired recording and select the MP4 option from the Actions.


Step 3:-  Once the Mp4 is selected, your recording will be queued for conversion to MP4.


Step 4:- Connect Administrators can view the conversion queue to check how many recordings are in queue for conversion and how many has been failed. Successful conversions will not be listed here.


Step 5 :- Once the conversion is completed, you can download the file.



I hope this helps in understanding how to enable the MP4 and convert the recordings.


IPAD does not allow files to download from file share pod in a meeting room.

Problem Description :- There are users who would like to know if IPAD allows files to be downloaded from file share pod.

Solution :-

iOS does not expose a file system – So there would be no place to download a file.

I have attached below an image describing all the pods (Host’s view) that Connect mobile supports. The navigation icons on the left side of the app indicate what Connect mobile supports and File share and Web Links pods are not supported.




To setup monitoring of the internal Java Virtual Machine (JVM) processes used in Adobe Connect.

Problem Description :- There are users who would like to setup monitoring of the internal Java Virtual Machine (JVM) processes used in Adobe Connect. Typically the JVM which can be managed and monitored using Java Management Extensions (JMX) but requires configuration to enable a port, username and password to use JMX. Typically, this configuration is done as part of the Tomcat installation. Since Adobe Connect uses a customized deployment of Tomcat users need to know which files and configuration properties they need to modify to enable this feature in Adobe Connect.

Solution :-

Refer to following settings in <Connect_home>/appserv/conf/ConnectProSvc.conf file

Look for snippet :-

# Remote JMX connections (uncomment to enable remote JMX access; unauthenticated as-is)


After changes restart CPS Services.

The JVM wrapper config changes above will provide the ability for a JMX client to connect to the server, but the actual ability for management/monitoring will be generic and barebones. In order to ensure that Connect-specific mbeans are exposed/managed/monitored, you will also need to ensure that the following configuration exists in, e.g., your custom.ini:


Because If it doesn’t exist, it defaults to false.


To enable password protection of the remote JMX connections ( Hope this link below would help ) :-

Here is a link which would help understand the entries such as shown below like in connectprosvc.conf file :-

# Log Level for sys/event log output.  (See docs for log levels)


We should not show course,folder and curriculum in My templates folder

Problem: User should not be able to create folder , curriculum and course from my templates folder situated under my training section because even if one created this VC room, it will not be launched with selecting any course and curriculum.

1. login to the Adobe Connect Server and click on My training
2. click on My templates
3. verify

It shows course,folder, curriculum under my templates

This should not be present under my templates

Workaround: As of now, no work around however this is found in 9.1 and expected to be fixed in later versions.

Minimize the add-in window when uploading a zip format presenter file , add-in cannot launch normally.

Problem: User when Minimizes the add-in window while uploading a zip format presenter file , add-in cannot launch normally.

1. Login to Connect server and create a meeting.
2. Host enters the meeting, a guest/user enters the meeting from other computer.
3. Host shares a zip format presenter file: Share Document->Browser My Computer->select a presenter file with .zip format.
4. When the file is uploading, minimize the add-in window.
5. After some time, see the file is open and share to guest/user, host click the connect add-in icon to launch from the taskbar.

Add-in can not launch normally, it is a blank window.

Add-in should launch normally, host can see pods in meeting.

Workaround: As of now we don’t have any workaround and this bug will be fixed in the future release.


Adobe Connect with H.323/two-way video telephony-support.

Problem : 1. - Does Adobe Connect works with H.323? If yes, is it an on-premise solution only or also achievable on hosting environment for adobe?

2. – If there are any plans in future for supporting two-way video telephony.

Answer : 

No, we don’t work with H.323 directly – only SIP. However you could work with an external service to bridge your H.323 devices with our servers. There are companies that provide cloud-based services that will communicate with legacy H.323 hardware and then use SIP to communicate with Connect to provide the video and audio directly.



What rights an Event Manager holds as in comparison to Event administrator in Adobe connect 9 ?

Topic Discussed : Rights for both Event Administrator and Event Manager:

Solution : In connect 9 there are two new system groups added for event license users, those are Event Administrator and Event Manager.

First we will talk about an Event Administrator :

An Event Administrator :

  • Can create any number of custom templates.
  • Have full control over the Event Catalog layout and branding.
  • Can create shared templates, limit tags in the Event Catalog, create Reply To options for email triggers, and assign Event Manager role to the registered users.
  • Manage the event tags, which in turn make it possible to filter the events in the Event Catalog.
  • Can update, rename, delete, or copy existing templates
  • Can apply the Featured Event tag to display an event in the Featured Events section of the Event Catalog
  • Members of the Event Administrators group assign users to the Event Managers group, manage shared templates, event tags, and email aliases.
  • Event Administrators can also configure analytic’ s.

Now in comparison if talk about event manager :

An Event Manager :

  • Assigns attendee roles when setting up the event in the Participant Management tab.
  • Can create private template
  • Can only create a private copy of the shared templates.
  • Can only create a private copy of the existing templates.
  • Members of the Event Managers group can create events and manage their own folders in the Event library.
  • If you assign a user to this group, Adobe Connect creates a folder for this user in the User folder of the Event library.
  • Can manage only their individual My Events folders in the User Events folder.
  • Can manage events in the Shared folders if they are hosting the event and have Manage permissions for the folder that contains the event.
  • Manage their own Event library user folder, performing all file-management functions, and create and manage all aspects of an event in this folder.
  • Can view event reports.


Connect throws an error “The item is not selected” or “Please select an item” when user try to create a new event.

Problem : ( After applying patch 9.0.4 ) User when creates a new event on connect, experience an error stating “The item is not selected” or “Please select an item”

Solution : 

Check in the debug log on connect server and look for “REMOTE_CQ_TEMPLATE”. You will see this item is either missing or not found in the Database table name “PPS_EVENT_DETAILS”. The debug log would capture an entry and throws an exception stating “REMOTE_CQ_TEMPLATE” is not found or invalid.

Reason why this happens is because when user apply the patch for 9.0.4 they definitely have not executed the SQL queries provided in the patch ( and The “REMOTE_CQ_TEMPLATE” is present in the script

Therefore go to the Database, make sure the current data base is selected and run the two scripts in sequence ( First and then ).

This should resolve your problem. In case the problem still persist please contact support.



Adobe Connect Event Template throws an error “No resource found”

Problem : Some users

-  When trying the event registration page experience ” No Resource found” error.

-  When edit the event template and activate, the edits are not being saved or reflects on the template where the change is made.

-  When click on different custom/system templates experience “No Resource found”

Solution :

For users who are on our hosted server or in other words who are using our hosted services, if the above mentioned problem is what you witness/experience at your end. Please open a ticket with our base support team at 1-800-422-3623.

For license users/Users who have Adobe connect installed on premises.

Please understand the workflow of Events with CQ Author Server and CQ Publish Server. Here is the brief description on that:

There is a concept/process called as “Replication” which should be working between the two servers. We have a Replication Agent on CQ author server which uses a mechanism to publish ( activate ) content from an Author to a Publish environment and we have a “Receiver Servlet Agent”  on CQ Publish server which lifts such packaged content from the replication queue on CQ Author server. Replication to a publish instance takes place in several steps : ( Follow the figure below while i explain here )



  • The Author requests that certain content to be published (activated); this can be initiated by a manual request, or by automatic triggers which have been preconfigured in the system.
  • The request is passed to the appropriate default replication agent; an environment can have several default agents which will always be selected for such actions.
  • The replication agent “packages” the content and places it in the replication queue.
  • The content is lifted from the queue and transported to the publish environment using the configured protocol; usually this is HTTP.
  • A Servlet in the publish environment receives the request and publishes the received content;

Now Considering the above fact that i just explain here:

If a user is experiencing the problem statement shown above in the start of this blog.

There are two important things you need to check in such situations : 

First check if the replication agent exist or not and if its not, do as explained below:

  • Navigate to the CRXDE | Lite page on the author environment http://localhost:4502/crx/de/index.jspAuthor-Login   CRXDE-Lite
  • On the Left Pane where you see the Tree folder structure Go  to folder ETC ( click on plus sign )


  • Now look for folder name Replication underneath that folder ( Click on Plus sign )


  • –>Now click on a plus sign for Node name “”  which is your replication agent node, if this node does not exist ( Call us ) else —>Underneath that folder look for a Node name “Publish_Your_Publish_Instant_Name”, i am typing the name in generic form.

Note:- In the picture below you will see the replication agent name for my local server as “Publish_connect-publish_dev_com” because my public instance FQDN name is



If this does not exist, you will experience what i have explained in this blog. To fix this you need to recreate this node by following the below steps:

Click on the CRXDE-Lite home page


Navigate to Tools option on the home page.


Under the tools option, Navigate to the replication folder and hightlight the “Agents on Author” option as shown below:


Now on the right pane click on the New page option as shown below :


You will see a window where you can create a new Replication agent. You can type your Replication Agent Name and Choose the option Replication Agent then hit the create button, as shown below:


Now you will see a new replication Agent instance is created underneath your Replication agent Node on CRXDE-Lite page as shown below :


Now Double click on the agent you just created and go to edit under settings. ( Remember it will be disabled as shown below untill we check the enable option )


Change the name to Replication agent under the settings TAB and make sure its enabled, so check the box called Enabled.


Now go to the Transport Tab and Change the URI : http://localhost:4503/bin/receive?sling:authRequestLogin=1. Instead of localhost here, you can put your CQ publish instance FQDN here and hit ok without making any other change. User Name and Password will be your CQ credentials.


At the end you can do what is explained in the second step below to confirm if replication is successfully Replicating.

Secondly if the replication agent exists and still you are experiencing such issues, please do the following :

  • Double click on the replication agent “Publish_Your_Publish_Instant_Name” and click on “Test connection” link: you should receive “Replication test succeeded". If you do not receive that, call us on our support line. 



Thats about it !

I hope this blog will help you solve most of your issues related to replication.

Thanks !