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Whiteboard overlay position is not correct if a participant is promoted to a host.


Whiteboard overlay on a pptx, the position is not correct if a participant is promoted to a host and show sidebar to participant checkbox is selected.


Adobe Connect 8.2 and above.


1. Enter in a meeting with 2 or more hosts.
2. Share a PPTX file.
3. Click on draw button and draw a shape.
4. From share pod’s chevron menu, click on Show Presentation playbar option. Click on show sidebar button in the mini-playbar that opens up.
5. Click on show sidebar to participants check box to check the checkbox.
6.  Make the share pod smaller in size such that playbar is now in mini-mode for both the hosts.
7. Now click on show sidebar checkbox again.
8. See the overlay’s position on the other hosts side.


We’ve identified this as a bug(Bug#3575917).

Two Speaker Event Template

Adobe Connect 9 introduced incredible improvements to the Events module – enabling customers to create beautiful microsites for their events. Although the event entry page hasn’t changed significantly, the resulting landing page and registration pages have been vastly improved. A speaker information page has also been introduced as part of the microsite. When creating an event in Adobe Connect, an event manager can add a speaker name, description, detailed description and image. A thumbnail version of the image as well as the shorter description appear on the main event landing page, while the detailed description appears on the speaker info page with a much larger version of the image. Some events however, might feature more than a single speaker. The event creation process does not allow for multiple speakers, however there is an easy way to add multiple speakers to your event. This tutorial will illustrate how to quickly create a custom event template for your event that incorporates multiple speakers.
1· Create a new event template, click on the ‘Event Templates’ link under Event Management. Choose to edit an existing template, then click on the ‘My Templates’ link. Near the top of the ‘My Templates’ list, you’ll see a button to create a new template. New templates are based on existing templates – in this tutorial, we’ll use the Default Template as our base.

2·  Delete the default Speaker picture, Speaker Name, Speaker Overview.

3·  Add a new picture element and two text elements into speaker information box with below specifications -
a.    Speaker Picture, select a picture and upload it and in advanced tab, enter 100 in first size box. Leave rest of the things as default.
b.    Speaker Name Text box will have font Helvetica with size 14, Bold, and remove the background color. Leave rest of the things as default.
c.    Speaker overview will have font Helvetica with size 11 and remove the background color. Leave rest of the things as default.

4·  Now you will need to add new column, select 2 column element.

5·  Iterate Step 3 again and add another set of picture and text boxes.

That’s it, you are done with the template creation!


How to get Connect meeting add-in working in Ubuntu 10.04

Objective - How to make Adobe Connect 8 add-in work with Ubuntu 10.04.

Requirements -

Adobe Connect v8.x, Ubuntu 10.04, Flash Player 10.3, Connect add-in.

Ubuntu 10.04 –

Steps to implement -

  1. Download the FP 10.3 from this –
  2. Install the above package first.
  3. Head on to – and verify that FP installed correctly.
  4. Download the add-in from this –
  5. Install the above package.
  6. Go to your user home folder, select Edit > Preferences > check box – Show hidden and backup files.
  7. Now you should see a “.macromedia” folder into user home folder.
  8. Verify that “.macromedia/Flash Player/” file exists.
  9. Once done, head on to - and click on “Always Allow” radio button.
  10. Now test the meeting!

Result - You would now be able to use the meeting add-in with Ubuntu.