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Adobe Connect 9.1 License Upload Error; Unable to create an administrator

Problem Description :

During an Adobe Connect 9.1 install, you might encounter this error while trying to upload the Connect license file from the server configuration console :




You may also find the Create Administrator link missing from the console.

How to Identify the problem :

Following errors could be found in the {root}\breeze\logs\debug.log file on the server :

console-8510-9 (INFO)  1ms spid:74 com.adobe.connect.dal.PrincipalDAL.getGroupByType(“7″,event-super-admins)
console-8510-9 (INFO) CONSOLEMANAGER: ignoring the exception while fetching the principal event-super-adminscom.macromedia.airspeed.StatusException$NoData: <status code=”no-data”/>
console-8510-9 (INFO)  1ms spid:74 com.adobe.connect.dal.PrincipalDAL.getGroupByType(“7″,event-admins)
console-8510-9 (INFO) CONSOLEMANAGER: ignoring the exception while fetching the principal event-adminscom.macromedia.airspeed.StatusException$NoData: <status code=”no-data”/>
console-8510-9 (INFO)  0ms spid:74 com.adobe.connect.dal.PrincipalDAL.getGroupByType(“7″,event-super-admins)
console-8510-9 (INFO) Response status: no-data/null

Environment :

Adobe Connect 9.1 Licensed

Reason :

You might encounter this issue if you do not have Events functionality present in your license.

We have identified this as a licensing issue and our Engineering group is working on investigating this through bug#3620176.

Solution :  ** Update **

We have released a new installer now and this has been fixed. Please download your copy of the new installer from the licensing website.



Video freezes in meeting rooms using Logitech HD Pro Web Cam C920 | Connect 9.1

Problem :

If you are using a Logitech HD Pro WebCam C920 in your meeting, there might be a few instances when you might find your video freezing in the session.

We’ve found this happening when a user is running under wide screen mode, his web cam feed might freeze when switching between layouts.


Environment :

Adobe Connect 9.1


Reason :

We’ve identified this as a bug(Bug#3575917) and is under investigation with our Connect Engineering Teams. More updates to follow.


Presenter 9 upload error ; Connect session timed out

Problem :

Publishing a presentation created in Presenter 9 to Connect pro might throw “Connect session timed out” error if shared in a meeting room share pod.

Users might notice this issue every time meeting host moves to a next slide in a Presentation shared inside a meeting.

Environment :

Adobe Connect 8/9 ; Presenter 9

Reason :

We’ve identified this as a bug(Bug#3598671) and is under investigation with our Connect and Presenter Engineering Teams.  This is expected to be fixed with Connect 9.1 version coming out soon. More updates to follow.

Workaround :

Following workaround may be applied by any users experiencing this :

  • Use Presenter 8.x to publish PPTX files.
  • Upload the PPTX file directly in the share pod/Content library and then share it in the meeting room rather than publishing it using Presenter 9.


Adobe Connect – Meetings/Recordings crash with Flash Player 11.6

Problem :

We’ve identified Adobe Connect Recordings which use screenshare randomly crashing on playback if played using Flash player 11.6

Meetings running on FP 11.6 might also experience crash if hosts use screenshare during the session

Environment :

Adobe Connect 9 Licensed

Reason :

We’ve identified this as a bug(Bug#3526202) and is under investigation with our Connect and Flash Engineering Teams. More updates to follow.

Workaround :    

We have following recommendations to fix this problem now from Adobe Engineering  

1.  Disable SS_DYNAMIC_CODEC  on your Connect servers by following this article :

2.  This should help resolve this issue in new meetings/recordings.

3.  Contact Support if you still encounter issues after implementing this change.


Solution :

Update :  This has now been fixed with Flash Player 11.7


Adobe Connect 9 | Pause and Resume Recordings

With the launch of Adobe Connect 9, we have introduced some great new features in Adobe Connect Recordings like pause and resume recordings, which is expected to make them more customizable and exciting for everyone.

Here’s a short demo for some of these new features in Connect 9 :


Adobe Connect 9 | Creating and Modifying Event Templates with CQ

With the launch of Adobe Connect 9, we have brought forward integration of Events module with the CQ server, which can help us customize our Events Registration page in our own way and provide users with a range of different options as per their requirements.

Here’s a short video we have created to demonstrate how we can modify and create Event Management templates with Adobe Connect 9  :

Presenter 8 Office 2013 Support

Adobe Presenter 8 is supported on 32 bit Office 2013 now.  Adobe is working on supporting the Office 2013 64 bit as well in some time.

More updates to follow !!

Adobe Connect 9 – Flash Player Issues with Osprey Capture Card 260e

Problem :

We have identified an issue with Osprey Capture Cards version 260e being unable to publish video stream in a video pod in an Adobe Connect meeting.

Users might encounter blank stream being published when using this card with the latest flash plugin FP11.5 or if  having this used with High Video Resolution(640*480) from the Adobe Connect add-in.

Environment :

Adobe Connect 9 Hosted/Licensed Video Pod

Reason :

This has been identified as a bug by our Flash team and we are working with Microsoft to get a resolution for this.


Solution :    ** We have released a solution to fix this problem now  **

  • Please go ahead and uninstall the current version of the Connect addin from your computer.
  • Download and install the latest version from here which contains a fix for the issue :


Adobe Connect 9 Service Startup Error;Invalid byte 3 of 3-byte UTF-8 sequence

Problem :

After migrating our Adobe Connect server from version 8 to 9, the Adobe Connect console doesn’t come up.

The services either fail to start completely or when they start, I keep getting a Not Ready message.

Error Message :

Following is the error message that should be noted in the logs :


[11-14 02:46:09] WrapperStartStopAppMain (INFO) Loading imports…
[11-14 02:46:10] WrapperStartStopAppMain (INFO) LocalizedMessage.addLanguage(), processed language: en, file: C:\Breeze\\appserv\apps/lang/en.xml
[11-14 02:46:11] WrapperStartStopAppMain (INFO) LocalizedMessage.addLanguage(), processed language: fr, file: C:\Breeze\\appserv\apps/lang/fr.xml
[11-14 02:46:11] WrapperStartStopAppMain (INFO) LocalizedMessage.addLanguage(), processed language: de, file: C:\Breeze\\appserv\apps/lang/de.xml
[11-14 02:46:11] WrapperStartStopAppMain (INFO) Exception occurred in startup.
[11-14 02:46:11] WrapperStartStopAppMain (ERROR) Invalid byte 3 of 3-byte UTF-8 sequence.

Environment :

Adobe Connect Licensed

Reason :

If you are upgrading your Adobe Connect server from an older version to version 9, you might run into this issue.

This is a known bug # 3045436, caused due to incorrect language files, incorrectly bundled with the Connect 9 installer

Solution :

If you are unable to get the Connect services back up after running an upgrade and you find the above error in the debug.log file, you may follow these steps to get rid of this issue :

1-  Logon to your Adobe Connect server

2-  Replace the C:\Breeze\\appserv\apps\lang folder with this folder : lang_from_cps_build

3-  Restart the Adobe Connect services

4-  You should be able to get rid of this problem

 You may call support for any assistance


Adobe Connect 9 Events | CQ Integration multiple domains


How to Integrate your Adobe Connect 9 server with an external CQ server across multiple domains

With your Adobe Connect 9 software, if you have Event management functionality enabled and you are setting it up with an external CQ server, that’s listed on a separate domain, different from the Adobe Connect domain, here are a few additional settings that need to be configured, to make it fully functional :

Environment :

  • Adobe Connect 9 Licensed
  • Applies to when Adobe Connect and CQ server are on separate domains

Adobe Connect FQDN :,

CQ server FQDN :

Steps to Follow :

 Navigate to the {root-install}\Breeze\ folder

  Open the custom.ini file in an editor

 Add the following parameter at the end of the file :


  Now Restart the Adobe Connect services

 If you are in a cluster, perform this activity on all the nodes

 This should be helpful in making your Events module entirely functional with your Adobe Connect 9.

 This allows CQ server to authenticate itself from inside Adobe Connect while viewing/modifying event related information(registration,templates,catalog etc), without requiring users to authenticate separately on the CQ server, while they are already logged in to the Adobe Connect server.