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Adobe Connect 9 Service Startup Error;Invalid byte 3 of 3-byte UTF-8 sequence

Problem :

After migrating our Adobe Connect server from version 8 to 9, the Adobe Connect console doesn’t come up.

The services either fail to start completely or when they start, I keep getting a Not Ready message.

Error Message :

Following is the error message that should be noted in the logs :


[11-14 02:46:09] WrapperStartStopAppMain (INFO) Loading imports…
[11-14 02:46:10] WrapperStartStopAppMain (INFO) LocalizedMessage.addLanguage(), processed language: en, file: C:\Breeze\\appserv\apps/lang/en.xml
[11-14 02:46:11] WrapperStartStopAppMain (INFO) LocalizedMessage.addLanguage(), processed language: fr, file: C:\Breeze\\appserv\apps/lang/fr.xml
[11-14 02:46:11] WrapperStartStopAppMain (INFO) LocalizedMessage.addLanguage(), processed language: de, file: C:\Breeze\\appserv\apps/lang/de.xml
[11-14 02:46:11] WrapperStartStopAppMain (INFO) Exception occurred in startup.
[11-14 02:46:11] WrapperStartStopAppMain (ERROR) Invalid byte 3 of 3-byte UTF-8 sequence.

Environment :

Adobe Connect Licensed

Reason :

If you are upgrading your Adobe Connect server from an older version to version 9, you might run into this issue.

This is a known bug # 3045436, caused due to incorrect language files, incorrectly bundled with the Connect 9 installer

Solution :

If you are unable to get the Connect services back up after running an upgrade and you find the above error in the debug.log file, you may follow these steps to get rid of this issue :

1-  Logon to your Adobe Connect server

2-  Replace the C:\Breeze\\appserv\apps\lang folder with this folder : lang_from_cps_build

3-  Restart the Adobe Connect services

4-  You should be able to get rid of this problem

 You may call support for any assistance


Adobe Connect 9 Events | CQ Integration multiple domains


How to Integrate your Adobe Connect 9 server with an external CQ server across multiple domains

With your Adobe Connect 9 software, if you have Event management functionality enabled and you are setting it up with an external CQ server, that’s listed on a separate domain, different from the Adobe Connect domain, here are a few additional settings that need to be configured, to make it fully functional :

Environment :

  • Adobe Connect 9 Licensed
  • Applies to when Adobe Connect and CQ server are on separate domains

Adobe Connect FQDN :,

CQ server FQDN :

Steps to Follow :

 Navigate to the {root-install}\Breeze\ folder

  Open the custom.ini file in an editor

 Add the following parameter at the end of the file :


  Now Restart the Adobe Connect services

 If you are in a cluster, perform this activity on all the nodes

 This should be helpful in making your Events module entirely functional with your Adobe Connect 9.

 This allows CQ server to authenticate itself from inside Adobe Connect while viewing/modifying event related information(registration,templates,catalog etc), without requiring users to authenticate separately on the CQ server, while they are already logged in to the Adobe Connect server.

Adobe Connect 9 | Contents won’t load in iFrames

Problem :

Since we’ve got our Adobe Connect servers upgraded to version 9, our contents embedded in iFrames have stopped working.

None of our contents and recordings seem to work now from our website in any browser we use. This has always used to work, since a couple of months, until just a few days ago.

Environment :

Adobe Connect   Hosted/Licensed

Reason :

  • If you have integrated your Adobe Connect contents or recordings, with an external LMS system or on an external website for users, via the use of iFrames, and if your Adobe Connect server is upgraded to version 9, you might run into this issue.
  • Adobe has recognized this to be caused due to a known bug : Bug#3313120.

Solution :

** This has been fixed with Connect version 9 now **

Adobe Connect Offline Recording FLV plays incorrectly; audio track fails to get recognized

Problem :

I have made my Adobe Connect recording offline and when I attempt to play the FLV, the audio doesn’t get recognized by my audio player.

The audio in this file is not recognized even with most standard FLV players. If I attempt to convert it to any other format like MP4, MOV etc, the converted file doesn’t have any audio in that case.


Environment :

Adobe Connect 7.x,8.x,9.x Hosted/Licensed


Reason :

You might sometimes end up creating such an FLV file by making Connect Recording Offline. You are likely to run into this issue if you happen to resize the Adobe Connect  add-in window while your recording is being made offline.

Audio tracks in the offline recording FLV might become unrecognizable partially or completely at varying timestamps within the FLV, in any normal player. The offline FLV might also fail to play correctly sometimes on some standard players like VLC.

Our research indicated that this can be caused to happen because of resizing the Connect add-in window during the process while a recording is being made offline.

To avoid running into this problem of generating a corrupt FLV as a result of your offline recording process, you should ensure you only resize the connect add-in window prior to starting the offline making process. You can set the add-in window size to whatever size/resolution suits your requirement, however you should only do this before the offline making process starts. You can do this before hitting the button of “Proceed with offline recording” that shows up as a prompt in the below screenshot  :


Offline Recording Prompt

Offline Recording Prompt


Note that you certainly can minimize and restore the Connect add-in window while making a recording offline, however you should always avoid doing so. The reason behind this is the fact, that the size of the Connect add-in window, while making recording offline, determines the video resolution of the offline FLV being created.

Resizing it during the process, causes inconsistency of video resolution in the FLV file. And this inconsistency, sometimes results in an unrecognizable audio track in the FLV file (especially if this inconsistency is there before any audible audio in the recording).

You may also find such audio inconsistencies if you decide to edit/split the output FLV file into parts.



Adobe Connect 9 Installer Fails; SMTP Settings; Invalid email error

Problem :

I am running the Adobe Connect 9 installer on my server and I am unable to go beyond the mail settings window.

My SMTP host works fine with other applications, but it somehow doesn’t work with the Adobe Connect. I am putting a valid email address under System Email field, however, it still comes up with an “Invalid Email ” error.





Environment :

Adobe Connect Licensed

Reason :

If your company has a three level domain email address or greater and you are trying to configure that with Adobe Connect 9 installer; like, xyz@abc.xx.xx, you might run into this issue.

Solution :

This has been identified as a known issue in the Connect 9 installer. Here’s how we can workaround this & complete the install :

1- Run the Connect 9 installer normally until you get to the Mail Settings window

2- Leave all the SMTP Settings fields empty

3- Put a two level test email address in the System email & Support email address fields, like, 

4- Carry on with the rest of the installation steps and complete the installation.

5- You would encounter the same issue on Create Administrator screen. You may apply the same workaround there as well.

6- Once the installation completes successfully, open the Connect console page, http://localhost:8510/console

7- Open the Server settings page & put the values of your valid smtp server settings and email address under Mail Settings section now.

8- You will be able to enter the correct details(three level or greater domain) of your smtp server now.

9- Contact support for any help or questions.




Adobe Connect Upgrade Error | Port 80 in use | Win 2003 / 2008

Problem :

My Adobe Connect service doesn’t start and I cannot get the login page to come up;

Reason :

The Adobe Connect service will not start or will not open the login page, if the server’s port 80 is in use, by any other application/process.

Solution :

Port 80 can be in use by other web servers[like IIS,Apache Tomcat], if installed on the same machine, as the Connect server machine. It is highly recommended, that you should ensure that no other application (or IIS), is listening on port 80.

Additionally, if you’re running on a Win 2003/2008 server, and if you have your SQL server installed on the same box as Connect, it is very likely that you might run into this issue.

SQL Server Reporting service on Windows 2003/2008, are bound to listen on port 80 by default. This would prohibit Adobe Connect, to start or launch the login page, since the port would be occupied, by the SQL’s reporting service. To fix this problem, ensure that this service is not running or listening on port 80.

In order to ensure that, port 80 is not in use by this service, we can run the following command to find out :

  • Open a command prompt window on the Connect server
  • Run the command netstat -a -b
  • This command determines, the list of ports, which are in use by the system, along with their process names, & via this process name, we can identify, which service/process, is using port 80.
  • If you find port 80 in use by a system.exe process, which has a Process Id(Pid) 4, ensure your SQL Server’s Reporting service is not running.
  • Once this service is stopped or alternately configured to listen on any other port, you should be able to start the Adobe Connect service successfully and get to the login page as well.


Adobe Connect 8 | Login page not coming up after upgrade | SSL

Problem :

I upgraded my Adobe Connect 7 server to version 8 and I can’t get the login page to come up. I tried connecting to the admin console through localhost:8510/console and it doesn’t get through that either.

Reason :

Adobe Connect 8 requires an additional modification, in the configuration files, for SSL to be enabled. Starting Connect 8, we need to enable, the 8443 connector separately for SSL to work; the connector is turned off by default.

Solution :

If you have SSL configured and you are performing an upgrade to version 8, you are required to follow these steps, to enable SSL completely :

√ Navigate to {root}\Breeze\appserv\conf   folder on your Adobe Connect server

√  Save a backup copy of server.xml file

√  Now open the file in an editor

√  Search for the below tags and ensure that these lines are uncommented :

<Executor name=”httpsThreadPool”

<Connector port=”8443″ protocol=”HTTP/1.1″

√  Please note that these are two separate tags which can be located separately within the file.

√  Save the file and restart the Adobe Connect services.


Note  :  These settings are also applicable for your Adobe Connect 9 server with SSL configured.


Adobe Connect 9 | Meetings fail to work on MAC OS X – 10.5(Leopard)

Problem :

I’ve recently installed Adobe Connect version 9 in my test environment and any meeting rooms does not seem to work on my MAC Leopard(10.5). Meetings work just fine on higher versions or on Windows platforms.

Reason :

With Adobe Connect 9, Adobe has released a new version of meeting addin, which has stopped support for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). The reason behind this, is due to the fact, that Apple has deprecated the screen sharing APIs for OS 10.5.

Solution :

If you have already installed Adobe’s new Connect 9 and are still running your MAC pc on an older version(10.5)/Leopard, go ahead and upgrade it to a higher version and you will be able to open your Connect 9 meeting rooms fine with the addin.


Note : All Leopard users will still be able to attend meetings from within the browser and will be able to use all basic functionalities, except from the functionalities provided by addin, like screen sharing.


Adobe Connect Recording Grey pod | Displays Nothing is being shared

Problem :

I have an Adobe Connect recording that does not display the content that was shared in the meeting. It comes up with a grey pod instead which says : “Nothing is being shared”

My content was visible to everyone during the live session, however, its now blank in the recording.


You might be running into this issue when the content that was being brought in the share pod, has some permission conflicts, with the permissions of the user, who brought it to the room, or with the meeting.

Steps to avoid the problem :

The permissions issue has been seen to occur in such cases, where, if the host of the meeting was not a part of actual Meeting Hosts group, but, rather was a promoted guest. Such user, although gets permissions to facilitate the meeting with complete host rights, however, the user is not able to get proper permissions on the content which is being brought in the meeting and which is why the content fails to display in the share pod.

This issue can also surface if the host of the affected meeting room was not a host of the meeting template, where this content was originally uploaded.

Adobe Connect install fails with java.sql.SQLException

Problem :

My Adobe Connect installation completed successfully, however, it keeps getting failed each time at the database configuration page.

Following is the error message I encounter each time :

java.sql.SQLException: [SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]  SET LANGUAGE failed because ‘ENGLISH’ is not an official language name or a language alias on this SQL Server.

Reason :

If you are running into this error, you might want to check the collation settings on your SQL server. If this setting on the SQL server is not correctly setup to the right English language option, you are very likely to run into this issue.

There are several English-language settings available, and the collation setting on the SQL server must match the collation setting in the Adobe Connect database installation script.

Solution :

In order to resolve this issue, you may follow the following steps :

1. On your SQL Server, modify the collation setting to use SQL_Latin_GENERAL_CP1_C1_AS, as the default language. You may find more information on Collation fundamentals on the Microsoft’s website :

2. Once done, open the Connect database configuration page again using the configuration console (http://localhost:8510/console) and complete the database configuration wizard.