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Captivate7: (upload zip): Content named with some special high ascii characters cannot be opened.


Captivate7: (upload zip): Content named with some special high ascii characters cannot be opened.


Captivate 7

Connect 9.1.0


1. New a blank project in Captivate 7

2. Click Quiz->Question Slide->insert two questions

3. Click File->Publish and choose SWF/HTML5 item

4. Choose Output Format Options: SWF/SWF&HTML5

5. Choose quiz reporting options: disable/scorm1.2/2004

6. Input high ascii characters to “Project Title” (such as: 测试中文)

7. Publish to zip file

8. Login connect server and upload the zip file to My Content

9. Click on the content link and observe


Using captivate 7 if we create a project and name it having ascii characters e.g. ????

The uploaded content cannot be opened with all browsers. This Bug is still open in our system and you will get all related update on this.

Adobe Connect does not pull all the questions from the Quiz created in captivate 6

Problem: = Quiz created in Captivate 6 does not pass all the information to Adobe Connect 9


Solution: = Now in order to make it do so, you can choose from the two options mentioned below.


First Option: = Publish the Captivate Project for Adobe Connect.


  1. Open the Captivate project
  2. Click on Edit.
  3. Go to Preferences>Click on Reporting and from the drop-down select Adobe Connect
  4. Publish the Project.



Second Option:=

  1. Open an Adobe Captivate project.
  2. Select Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Adobe Captivate > Preferences (Mac OS).
  3. In the Category panel, expand Project and select Publish Settings.
  4. Select Publish Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Metadata.
  5. Click OK.


This should resolve your problem. In case the problem still persist please contact support.

“fp10SWFMsg” while sharing Captivate 6 and 5.5 content in a meeting room

When publishing contents using Captivate 6 and Captivate 5.5 we get a message in the meeting room “fp10SWFMsg”



  • Create a Captivate 6 or Captivate 5.5 content using FP10 which default for both captivate 6 and 5.5
  • Publish the content to Connect.
  • Share content into the share pod and you will get the above message.
  • If you click on No, the content will disappear.
  • But if you click on yes the Content will show up normally.

We have identified this as a bug (BUG# 3548259), and is under investigation with our Connect Engineering Team. This Bug has been reported with Adobe Connect version 9.0.4. On the previous versions it works fine. More updates to follow.
Workaround is to publish the Content with Flash Player 9 and then it will not give this massage.

  •   Launch you captivate project.
  • Click on File and then click on Publish and you will get the below screen.


  • From the Output options select the Flash Player Version as “Flash Player 9”.
  • And now Publish your Content and check by uploading it into Meeting room.


Meeting Fail-Over with Adobe Connect 9

Problem:= In Adobe Connect version 9 Meeting Room failover does not work with clustered environment

Scenario:= Start a meeting and use Help>Shift>About Connect to determine which server the meeting is hosted on and then conduct and orderly shutdown of that server. The meeting room should failover automatically to the corresponding node which is up, but due to a bug in version 9 failover does not work. So we have to remove hosted reference from substitution.xml files to make it work.

Solution:= Remove the following entries from ‘C:\breeze\comserv\linux\conf \Substitution.xml’ and ‘C:\breeze\comserv\win32\conf\ Substitution.xml’.


Restart the services of Adobe Connect and Flash Media server and then test the failover. It should work fine.

The bug number for this issue is #3176707