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CSO : DATE (20 NOV 2015) – Adobe Connect Access Intermittent for DA2 Datacenter – RESOLVED


As of 1:05 PM ET,  while we are still waiting on Level 3 to confirm on their end that the issue is resolved, further testing by our Technical Operations team was able to confirm that network traffic has returned to normal levels and Adobe Connect services are no longer appearing to be impacted.
We are marking this as resolved and a full incident review will be conducted.  Out of this, a statement will be prepared and delivered.



As of 12:50 PM ET, we are still waiting on the service provider.  Level 3 is experiencing major issues across possibly multiple locations although we still do not have confirmation outside of Chicago.

The issue is still intermittent depending on the network route that customers are taking to our Dallas datacenter.  Customers may have packet loss but still get to the Connect account.  They may experience slower load times and performance issues.  Other customers may experience timeouts.   Customers not going through affected areas will not see an issue.
Update to follow.



As of 12:00 PM ET, we have identified this being a carrier issue currently in the Chicago area. It appears to be an outage on the Level 3 network where it is affecting customers routing to our Dallas datacenter (DA2) through Chicago.  It may possibly be impacting other routes as well, but currently the teams are waiting on official word from Level 3 on this issue.



As of 11:15 AM ET, there is intermittent connectivity to Adobe Connect meetings and the Adobe Connect web application for all clusters in the DA2 datacenter.  This affects accounts on the following clusters:

NA3, NA4, NA5, NA7, NA10, NA11

The teams are currently engaged and investigating this issue.

Update to follow.


CSO : DATE (19 OCT 2015) – Telephony and Meeting Issues in DA2 Datacenter


As of 1:15 PM MDT, all Adobe Connect customers are now able to launch new meetings on all of the impacted clusters. After further investigation it was determined that clusters NA5, NA10, NA11 were not impacted during this incident. The affected clusters were NA3, NA4, and NA7.  This issue has been resolved and the service is currently operating normally. No further impact is anticipated at this time.

The technical teams made some configuration changes on the impacted servers followed by a reboot, which restored the service on the affected clusters.

A full summary of the root cause and recurrence prevention plan will follow.


As of 8:45 AM MDT, it appears that most Adobe Connect clusters are having difficulties connecting to meetings.  This includes the entire DA2 datacenter as well as some clusters in the SJ1 datacenter.

The technical teams are still investigating.




As of 6:10 AM MDT, some customers in North America in the DA2 datacenter  (Clusters: NA3, NA4, NA5, NA7, NA10, NA11) may be unable to start audio calls from their Connect meeting rooms.

Also, customers with an account hosted on our NA4 cluster are having difficulty with slow loading meetings or meetings that are hanging on connecting.

The technical teams are still investigating the cause of the issue.

Updates will follow below.


CSO – DATE (9 OCT 2014) – Email Issues on EMEA1 Cluster

1:53pm EST – The issue has been repaired.  Root cause is being identified and once that is finalized, we will provide an update.   All emails on EMEA1 should be going now as scheduled.

1:20pm EST – Customers on the EMEA1 cluster will experience issues with email delivery. This appears to only be affecting customers on the EMEA1 cluster (EMEA2 is fine).  No emails have gone out for customers on the EMEA1 cluster as of October 8 at 2 PM MDT.  We are continuing to investigate and will provide information as soon as there are changes in status and the issue is repaired.

You can get full updates on our Adobe Connect Status Page here:


CSO – DATE (8 OCT 2014) – Intermittent Issues on NA5 Hosted Cluster

Customer Impact Statement / Root Cause:

Customers with an account hosted on our NA8 cluster had limited or no access to their accounts from
08:00 AM – 08:18 AM PST on 7 OCT 2014.

Root Cause
There were issues with long running queries on the production database server. These issues caused
Connect nodes to fast fail within the cluster. These fast fails caused the service interruption to users.

Corrective Measures / Action Plan
The offending queries on the database server were stopped and maintenance was performed on the
database. The root cause of the issue was identified and will be fixed in Connect 9.3 which is currently
planned to be rolled out this month to the remaining clusters.
Customers can confirm their account upgrade date by checking the upgrade widget on the Connect
Downloads and Updates page here:


12:40pm EST – The customer impact should be alleviated.  We have repaired the issue and we are continuing to monitor the situation.  Meetings should now be launching normally.  A customer impact statement will be made available shortly, describing root cause and steps made to repair.

12:00pm EST – Some customers are reporting they cannot launch their Connect meetings.  We are currently working with our Operations team to resolve the issue.  This issue is intermittent and is only affecting some customers that have their account hosted on our NA5 cluster. You can get full updates on our Adobe Connect Status Page here:


Update – CSO – DATE (11 JULY 2014) – Universal Voice Not Connecting for Certain Clusters

11:40am EST – Universal Voice is currently down for customers on the following clusters: (NA1, NA2, NA6, NA8, NA9, NA12).  This affects the ‘audio broadcast’ functionality in Adobe Connect Meeting rooms on those clusters.  This also affects ‘user-configured’ (non-integrated) telephony profiles on those clusters.  Meetings that utilize ‘UV Profiles’ (user-configured) will not have audio.  Meetings that use the ‘integrated’ telephony profiles (telephony adaptors for InterCall, MeetingOne, Arkadin, and PGI) will still have audio, but the ‘broadcast’ will not work.  We are currently working with our Operations team to resolve the issue. You can get full updates on our Adobe Connect Status Page here:

4:30pm EST – We have identified the issue and applied a fix for the Universal Voice issues that have occurred today in our EQX (SJ1) datacenter.  This was a configuration issue outside of the application that affected the integration with our SIP service.  The team has deployed the necessary changes and done appropriate testing to ensure the system is now stable.