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Troubleshooting Verbose Meeting Addin Logging

On occasion it can be difficult to get verbose addin logging to work. The tech-note describing how to set it up is here: Enable logging | Meeting Add-in

The tech-note correctly describes where to place the customized mms.cfg file for use with both 64 bit and 32 bit Windows clients as well as for the Mac OS.

If after following the instructions in the tech-note, you still do not see any verbose addin logs, one possible cause is that there may be an additional mms.cfg file in an alternate location on the client that is blocking the log creation process. To remedy this, add the customized debug mms.cfg to the following locations after renaming any existing mms.cfg files (to allow them to be restored after verbose logging or debugging is complete):

Here are the locations (more than in the tech-note):

  • Windows (32 bit) :

In: C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\mms.cfg
or C:\Windows\System32\mms.cfg

  • Windows 7 (64 bit):

In: c:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\mms.cfg
or c:\Windows\SysWOW64\mms.cfg

After placing the mms.cfg in both folders, be sure to close all addin browsers and then to open the addin only in the one Meeting that you wish to troubleshoot.

MP4 Recording Conversion Update

MP4 recording conversion functionality was recently unavailable for all Adobe Connect Hosted Accounts.

Note: Offline FLV recording conversion was unaffected and remains fully operational.

Update: 09 July

There is a workaround in place, as of 10:30 EST, to get the MP4 conversions back on track. Any job that was submitted prior to this may continue to throw an error to the user in the web app. Here is the way ahead:

• If you submitted a job this morning and the web app shows a conversion error, re-submit the job
• The queue is very long right now and it may take longer than normal for the conversions to finish.
• If you recently submitted a job, within the last hour or so, report all any new problems to the adobe support team.

Terms of Service Notification on Adobe Connect Hosted Accounts

Changes made to the Adobe Connect Terms and Conditions (ToS) in Connect 9.4 are related to the new licenses introduced in Adobe Connect 9.4. Note that the first administrative login will be presented with the ToS dialog. If the first administrative login is an automated API call, this call will fail until the ToS dialog is manually cleared.

22.6: “Named Virtual Classroom Manager” means an individual that has the ability to host a Meeting in a Virtual Classroom, track user completion and course results for Meeting Attendees in Virtual Classrooms, and manage advanced registration, branded event pages, and email options. A Named Virtual Classroom Manager is a type of On-demand User.

22.7: “Named Webinar Manager” means an individual that has the ability to host a Meeting with Meeting Attendees up to the number of seats purchased, as well as manage advanced registration, branded event pages, email options, and reporting.  A Named Webinar Manager is a type of On-demand User.

The new licensing options were also added to sections 2.1, 3 and 19, and 20.  Similarly, in line with the new licensing, we also exchanged the term ‘seminar’ for ‘webinar’ in several locations.

For more information on Adobe Connect 9.4, see

Meeting Hosts and Concurrent Attendee Licensing Model

Although, using the Named Hosts licensing model, there are restrictions to assigning meeting hosts to rooms, there are fewer restrictions with the Concurrent Attendee licensing model.

In the Concurrent Attendee model, it is possible to assign participants as host in a room who are not members of the Meeting Hosts group. As there is no limit in the number of meeting hosts allowed with this licensing model, there are no restrictions to the number of users who are assigned as host in a room (whether or not they are member of the Meeting Hosts group), as long as the total number of concurrent users of all types does not exceed the license limit for the account.

With the Named Hosts licensing model, only users who are member of the Meeting Hosts group may be assigned as host in the web interface.

Zipped Captivate 8 Project will not Play Back in Connect

Issue: A project authored in Captivate 8 and published in zip format and uploaded to the Connect Content Library will not play back for clients running IE or Firefox.

  • IE clients see an error message: “The content you are trying to view is not supported….”
  • Firefox clients only see a spinning wheel

Note: earlier versions of Captivate work fine. This appears to be a bug in Captivate 8.

Solution: It has a very simple workaround: Enable metadata or reporting for Adobe Connect in the Captivate Project and republish to Connect and it will work fine.

To edit the reporting options in a Captivate project: File>Publish Settings>Reporting>Enable Reporting>Adobe Connect (note that it defaults to Other Standard LMS, but Connect is in the drop-down)



Seminar Extensions after Connect 9.3

Beginning with Connect 9.1.1, Connect Seminar extensions in session beyond the initially scheduled time were 30 minutes and then another 30 minutes and then an additional 10 minutes provided there was not a conflict with another scheduled Seminar. Beginning with Connect 9.3, this has changed; the new in-session Seminar extension options are now unlimited as long as there is not a conflicting scheduled Seminar under the same Seminar license. If there is another scheduled Seminar that is in conflict, then you will only get a 10 minute warning before your Seminar ends, but if there is not a conflicting Seminar then this interactive pop up will allow the Seminar host to extend the Seminar:


CSO EMEA1 – DATE (21 May 2015)

We’re currently investigating an issue on EMEA1 cluster that is impacting customer meetings.

Few issue reports we have :

  • Connectivity lost during meeting / users drop out of rooms
  • Rooms do not launch
  • Also: MeetingOne telephony profiles associated with rooms are found disabled.

We are investigating aggressively and will follow up shortly.


** Update **  –  The cluster is stable now. We’re not seeing any further connectivity issues.

Note : Telephony profiles Issues is still being investigated as a separate incident. More updates to follow shortly.

** New Update **  – All issues including  MeetingOne Telephony profiles have been resolved now !


On-premise Connect Installation Hangs Connecting to the Database

Symptoms: Installing with clean images on servers, the Connect Installation with the appropriate local Administrator permissions seemed to be successful but upon clicking “Done” its hangs indefinitely. Restarting the services does not help and the Connect Configuration Console on the local Connect server will not come up. Rebooting the VM will not bring Connect up. In the error.log, it reads:

“Start up error: java.lang.Exception: invalid backup folder: \\connectsharedstorage\connect.” START_UP    START_UP_ERROR….

Note: replace connectsharedstorage\connect with your UNC path to shared storage.

Solution: This error indicates that shared storage is expected by the database but is not configured on the Connect server. This may inadvertently be overlooked during an upgrade instance when a new server (perhaps with a new OS) replaces an older server. The fresh Connect installation, upon pointing to an existing upgraded database that has possibly been updated by script or maybe by the older server image, is expecting shared storage to be in place, but it is not yet configured on the new Connect server. To get past this, edit the Shared Storage entry in the PPS_Config table of the Connect Database to “NULL” and restart the services.

CSO NA11 – DATE (14 May 2015)

The application VIP NA11 is currently down. It may not affect ongoing meetings, but currently the web app VIP is being redirected to the status page. We are investigating aggressively and will follow up shortly.


** UPDATE ** – Issue has been repaired at 10:58 AM PST.

Offline FLV Archives Fast-forward during Playback

With Flash Player version, the Nellymoser audio codec used within Connect offline FLV Meeting archives played automatically in fast forward. This issue is resolved in the latest Flash Player.

The solution is to install Flash Player version (or later depending on when you run into this issue) and all effected Connect FLV meeting archives will play normally.