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Error Converting PowerPoint upload to Connect

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October 31, 2016 / General / Meeting / Seminars

Error Message in IE-11 when Joining a Connect Meeting

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Content Fails to Upload to Connect with Error Message: Illegal Content

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Network Distance and Adobe Connect Meeting Latency

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September 16, 2016 / General / Meeting / Seminars

Safeguarding the Newly Edited State of a Connect Meeting

Hosts should select the End Meeting menu option instead of clicking the “x” in the upper right of the Meeting Addin or browser at the conclusion of a Meeting in order to insure the state of the Meeting is immediately saved and the Meeting processes terminated.

Connect 9.5 Bandwidth Utilization Estimates Illustrated

Adobe Connect bandwidth utilization will vary based on use case. Variables such as Meeting size, Connect features employed, disposition of clients and type of Connect server hosting, all have an effect on the network bandwidth utilized and as well as on where the bandwidth on a network will be most affected.