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Clustering Adobe Connect Servers with Microsoft Network Load Balancing

Many software-based server load-balancing and fail-over options have prematurely reached the end of the product life cycle. The market prediction that effectively swept software-based options off the enterprise landscape was that the price of superior hardware-based solutions would decrease enough to make the software options superfluous. The problem with this prediction is obvious to anyone who has tried to cluster a small pool of application servers on a tight budget: the price of the hardware options that are worth having have not dropped enough to fill the niche occupied by software clustering applications….

Criseyde and Troilus live: See the updated tutorial on the Connect Users Community:

Accessing and Editing Adobe Connect Recordings

When most people think of meeting recordings, they often expect a standard video capture of the original meeting. For most web conferencing platforms, this is the case. Adobe Connect recordings however provide much more functionality. It’s certainly possible to generate a static video by clicking the ‘Make Offline’ button. By default however, Adobe Connect recordings are much more interactive and completely indexed….

See Alistair Lee’s complete tutorial here:


Adobe Connect server pools/clusters and hardware-based load-balancing devices with SSL acceleration

The most robust means of implementing secure socket layer (SSL) with Adobe Connect servers is through a hardware-based SSL accelerator and similarly, the most robust means of clustering Connect servers is with a hardware-based load-balancing device (HLD). Since all enterprise-class HLDs are also SSL accelerators (any that are not both are either legacy or low-end by definition), this example-based article offers a best-practice configuration of a Connect Server pool or cluster running Connect Meetings, Adobe Presenter on-demand content, Adobe Connect Training, Curriculum and Virtual Classrooms securely behind a high-end, application-aware HLD and SSL acceleration device such as F5 BIG-IP LTM. This article does not exhaust the possible configurations, but offers a general working example.

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Adobe Connect Edge Server Deployment Options: part 2

This article focuses on Enterprise Proxy Connect Edge deployments and troubleshooting:

Adobe Connect Edge Server Deployment Options: part 1

This article focuses on reverse proxy Connect Edge deployments:

Enable Client-side Connect Meeting Addin Debug Logging to Diagnose Meeting Connection Problems

To facilitate troubleshooting of Connect Meeting connection issues, enable client-side Connect Meeting Addin Debug Logging according to the following tech-note:

Adobe Connect 9.1 Upgrade Checklist

Are you ready for the upcoming release of Adobe Connect 9.1?   Click the link below to review the newly published upgrade checklist and make sure you are ready for some important changes and new requirements with the 9.1 release.



Adobe Connect 9.0.3 Release Notes

We have published a technote regarding the Release Notes for the upcoming 9.0.3 Adobe Connect release.

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Adobe Connect 9 Windows Add-in support for the Chrome browser.

We have just published a technote regarding Adobe Connect 9 Windows Add-in support for the Chrome browser.

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Adobe Connect 9 – Known Issues to avoid when running large Seminars over 600 users

We have just published a technote regarding known issues to avoid in Adobe Connect 9 when running large Seminars over 600 users.

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