Conference IVR does not accepts the conference codes.

PROBLEM -: I have enabled Universal voice feature on my Adobe connect server , when i dial into the audio conference bridge (using test dial-in steps), pass the audio conference code , the IVR prompt doesnt realize the conference codes and prompts to re-enter the conference code.

When i dial the same conference bridge using my base phone/mobile and pass the audio conference code , IVR accepts it.

SOLUTION -: Try to replace the SIP gateway/provider/vendor with another vendor which supports DTMF mode RFC 2833.

When you pass the conference code Adobe connect FMG (Flash Media Gateway) sends out DTMF tones to the the remote SIP gateway.

Adobe connect supports only RFC 2833 standard mode of DTMF communication. It seems that the remote SIP provider is not supporting this mode and the conference code send out as DTMF tones by FMG to the audio conference bridge is failing due to non supportive DTMF media (RFC 2833 standards) by the SIP gateway/provider.

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