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August 10, 2012 /Administration /Install /

Configure your Adobe Connect 9 server to override the default HTTP port 80

Problem :

I want my Adobe Connect server to listen on a different port other than the default port 80 for http traffic.

Environment :

Adobe Connect 8/9 On Premise Install

Solution  :

You may now follow a few simple steps, to make any other custom port, work as the default http port, with your Adobe Connect server webapp. Here are the steps outlined below :

1.  Navigate to the following folder on your Adobe Connect server :

          {root-install}\breeze\8.x.x\appserv\conf   or   {root-install}\breeze\9.x.x\appserv\conf

2.  Open the server.xml file in an editor

3.  Search for the following lines in the file which specify the http connector tag :

        <Connector URIEncoding=”utf-8″ acceptCount=”250″ connectionTimeout=”20000″ enableLookups=”false” executor=”httpThreadPool” port=”80″ protocol=”HTTP/1.1″ redirectPort=”443″/>

4.  Modify the port value from 80 to XXXX, where XXXX is the custom port you would like to use.

5.  Now, open the {root-install}\breeze\9.x\custom.ini file and verify in case you have the following parameter in the file: http_port.

Ensure the parameter does not have a value set to the default, 80.

6.  Goto the Connect configuration console page (http://localhost:8510/console) and open the Server Settings page.

7.  Modify the Adobe Connect host parameter, to include the port number(XXXX), with the web url, that is set for your Adobe Connect server.

        Eg :, where XXXX denotes the custom port you want to use.

8.  Modify the Http Port parameter to the desired custom port value : XXXX

9.  Restart the Adobe Connect services to allow the changes to take effect.

10. The web url to access your Adobe Connect site would now change to, after making these changes.


Please Note :  Changing the default http port is only supported for on demand contents as of now. Contents might not work if accessed from a meeting room.

We have logged a Feature Enhancement Request regarding this targeted as 3744993. Engineering is currently reviewing the feasibility of including this feature in a future release.



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