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Connect license the upload fails: License file has a quota of type ‘bandwidth-quota’

Issue:  Upon uploading an updated connect license (perhaps after expansion or upgrade) the upload fails with the error:  License file has a quota of type ‘bandwidth-quota’ (account) with a limit less than amount currently used

Workaround: Edit the Connect SQL database as follows:
1.      Document the current value for ‘USED’ field in the pps_acl_quotas value for the QUOTA_ID that is set to 8.
2.      Execute the follow UPDATE statement to set the value to a lower value
a.      update pps_acl_quotas set used = 900000000 where quota_id = 8
b.      Note: For example if the LIMIT value is 1000000000 you could use the following: UPDATE pps_acl_quotas USED = 900000000 where Quota_ID = 8
3.      Upload the License.txt file in Connect
4.      If you don’t get the upload error
5.      Re-open the pps_acl_quotas table and verify that the LIMIT for QUOTA_ID is not 3500 (this will be the new concurrent user limit with the new license.txt file)
6.      If you  get the error when uploading, run the SQL statement, replace the 900000000 with the original number from step 1.

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