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Connect Meeting Session Management

Behavior: There are two variables with reference to Meeting room session management that a good Connect Administrator will want to consider:

  • When you close a Meeting room, it remains active (on Adobe’s hosted accounts) for 15 minutes before completely shutting down.
  • You cannot keep a continuous active Meeting open beyond 12 hours; the Meeting will timeout after 12 hours.

These two variables are important: The first one is good to know because you may not see some changes propagate to a Meeting room until it has been closed for 15 minutes and then reopened. Tonight, for example I was in a meeting and switched the account settings from RTMP to RTMPS to secure all traffic rather than just the log-in via HTTPS; the padlock icon in the meeting bandwidth indicator (green light in upper right corner) that indicates RTMPS did not appear in the Meeting upon making the change and will not until 15 minutes after the meeting room is closed and then reopened. The variable is called <HOST_LEFT_TIMEOUT> and it also sets the number of minutes participants can stay in a Meeting room after the last host leaves the room. After 15 minutes, participants will be  disconnected from the room.

The second timeout variable is called <SESSION_TIMEOUT> It is very important if you use a Connect meeting room for any support activities and keep it open for longer than 12 hours. The workaround is to set up two rooms and rotate every eleven hour between two rooms to support any sustained activity that will last more than 12 hours.

For on-premise customers these variables are adjustable, though the default settings are highly recommended. These settings can be manipulated in the in application.xml file in \ConnectRoot\comserv\win32\conf\originhost\_defaultVHost_\:



Note that changing these setting is not recommended unless there is a pressing need. And with that said, never increase the <SESSION_TIMEOUT> beyond 12 hours, though you may lower it if needed.

Note also the separate third Administration option in Connect Central that manages the timeout of sessions that do not have any activity:


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