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October 24, 2013 /General /Meeting /Seminars /

Connect Meetings Opened from within the Chrome Browser Remain in the Browser

Issue: Connect Meetings opened from the Chrome browser remain in the browser instead of invoking the Connect Meeting Add-in:


This issue is often caused by privacy settings within Chrome; to fix this issue, follow these steps:


Open Chrome Settings, scroll to the bottom and choose Show Advanced Settings…


Scroll to Privacy, and click on Content Settings…


Scroll to Unsandboxed plug-in access (and enjoy a chuckle at the recently coined adjective with its dubious etymology) and click on Manage exceptions…


Add the appropriate Connect Meeting domain name to the allowed list. In this case I have just added [*.] to make the Connect Meeting add-in work on all Adobe Connect Hosted accounts:


Now when I launch the same meeting we started with in Chrome, it invokes the Connect Meeting Add-in:


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