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Connect Training Course does not Produce Completion Report

Issue: When a course is started and left open, perhaps while multitasking or looking up additional references, etc., it may timeout and work of the trainee in the course can be lost.

How to approach this – As with many symptoms, there is often more than one ameliorating approach; two are offered below:

One very quick way to help with  this is to increase the session time-out value in Connect

  •  At the top of the Connect Central administrative window, click Administration.
  • Click Account.
  • Click Session Settings.
  • Enter a timeout length in minutes that is long enough to cause fewer instances of timeouts.
  • Click Save.

Another way to approach this is to use Adobe Presenter 9 to create the training content. Presenter 9 handles sessions and bookmarking that is not supported in previous versions of Presenter.

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