Update – CSO – DATE (11 JULY 2014) – Universal Voice Not Connecting for Certain Clusters

11:40am EST – Universal Voice is currently down for customers on the following clusters: (NA1, NA2, NA6, NA8, NA9, NA12).  This affects the ‘audio broadcast’ functionality in Adobe Connect Meeting rooms on those clusters.  This also affects ‘user-configured’ (non-integrated) telephony profiles on those clusters.  Meetings that utilize ‘UV Profiles’ (user-configured) will not have audio.  Meetings that use the ‘integrated’ telephony profiles (telephony adaptors for InterCall, MeetingOne, Arkadin, and PGI) will still have audio, but the ‘broadcast’ will not work.  We are currently working with our Operations team to resolve the issue. You can get full updates on our Adobe Connect Status Page here: https://status.acrobat.com

4:30pm EST – We have identified the issue and applied a fix for the Universal Voice issues that have occurred today in our EQX (SJ1) datacenter.  This was a configuration issue outside of the application that affected the integration with our SIP service.  The team has deployed the necessary changes and done appropriate testing to ensure the system is now stable.


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