Generating Self signed certificates for Adobe Connect

PROBLEM -: I want to generate self signed certificates for our internal testing purpose. I need to apply SSL certificates on my connect server


Please note that Adobe does not supports self signed certificates on production enviroment.

This is for internal testing purpose.

1. Download OpenSSL , You can download it from here openssl

2.Extract it on C:\

3. Windows 7/vista users might have to gain/allow the administrative rights prompt to extract/copy the files on C:\ , Alternate is to copy the file on any other location , unzip it and copy the extracted openssl folder on C:\

4. Make sure that the openssl.exe is located on C:\openssl\bin folder

5. Open command prompt and execute the command

cd C:\openssl\bin

openssl.exe req -x509 -nodes -days 365 -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout -out

Provide the following information while generating the certificate files

Country Name

State/Province Name

Locality Name

Organization Name

Organization Unit Name

Common Name 

EMail Address


I have attached a screenshot for reference , Make sure that you provide the exact domain name of your connect server on common name information as highlighted in screenshot as well as in above step


When the process is completed , This would generate two files on C:\openssl\bin named as -:      –> Certificate file.    –> Key file.


These two files (Certificate and key file)  are self signed SSL certificates and can be used to secure either the meeting connection or application server having the domain name  as per the screenshot or as per the common name provided by you.

You can follow the SSL KB Doc to configure the SSL certificate/key file on your Adobe connect server


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