How to move various Contents from one location to another in Connect Account

Issue Statement

A user’s content that includes meeting rooms, uploaded presentation & files, recordings etc has to be moved to some other user’s content/location within same connect account.

Manually moving content is not available in all type of contents for example, we cannot move a recording from Connect Interface. Only option is to download it and upload it to other location as content.


Adobe Connect, Content Movement


We can always move contents using MOVE button but many a times we don’t have the option. Also, in cases Move Button has limitation in moving some content to any location.

We can use Web Services API Calls to move contents manually.

Steps To be followed

  1. Login to Connect and Click on Content Tab
  2. Check the URL on Address browser which would look like something like this
  4. Or similarly if you click on Meetings tab, you would see URL something like below
  6. Notice the value “SCO-ID”
  7. Every type of Content, be it a course, presentation, meeting, recording in Connect has a unique values called Sco-id. Connect identifies all content with their Sco-id.
  8. Every Location has a Sco-ID too, i.e. User Meetings will have a sco-id, Shared Meetings will have a sco-id and My Meetings will have a sco-id and same goes for Content or courses.
  9. To Move the content from one location or a user profile to another location or user profile, we can use “SCO-MOVE” Api.
  10. Find the sco-id of source content by going to content and checking the URL in browser and keep it handy.
  11. For example, we have to move a Content ‘test.pdf’ from ‘My Content’ to User Content> ABC Content in your account which has the URL
  12. Go to My Content and click on test.pdf and check SCO-ID from address bar from browser. Let us take it as 11111 Keep the sco-id handy.
  13. Go to ‘User Content> ABC Content and check the sco-id from address bar in browser and this will be destination location sco-id or folder id. Let it be 99999
  14. Run the API on browser
    http://ConnectURL/api/xml?action=sco-move&folder-id={destinationlocationScoid}&sco-id={source content sco-id}
  15. Hence in above example URL will be and hit enter. If you get a ‘Status OK’ message in browser, it means content has been moved successfully.
  16. If you don’t get ‘status OK’ message, you may not be logged in or not have access to that location. It is preferred to use admin account to avoid such issues.
  17. You can repeat the steps for any content or meeting or recording and move it in just few clicks.


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