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September 13, 2013 /Install /

Mandatory SQL Server 2008 upgrade with Adobe Connect 9.1

Adobe Connect 9.1 comes up bundled with SQL Server 2008 version. With your upgrade to Connect 9.1, your existing SQL server would automatically get upgraded to 2008 version if an earlier version is currently in use.

You may choose to upgrade your SQL server yourself separately which should be done prior to upgrading the Connect server to 9.1.

The 9.1 installer has a system check which validates the current SQL server version present on the server and if an earlier version is detected, following message would be presented to the user :

Minimum SQL Server


Points to Consider :

~  You may choose to use the SQL 2008 bundled with the installer and continue with the upgrade. The installer would automatically upgrade the SQL server version with Connect upgrade.

~  However, if your organization has a different procedure for deciding upgrades on SQL server, you may first work on getting that updated and attempt the Connect installation once the SQL update is complete. The installer would Quit on the above window if you do not choose to upgrade the SQL server to version 2008 or if it is not already updated to that version.

~  It is recommended to  review the entire system requirements here, ,before you decide to upgrade the Connect environment to ensure a hassle free upgrade.

~  We have also created a small upgrade checklist which talks about most of the new changes in functionality brought in 9.1 and the associated documentation