Meeting Fail-Over with Adobe Connect 9

Problem:= In Adobe Connect version 9 Meeting Room failover does not work with clustered environment

Scenario:= Start a meeting and use Help>Shift>About Connect to determine which server the meeting is hosted on and then conduct and orderly shutdown of that server. The meeting room should failover automatically to the corresponding node which is up, but due to a bug in version 9 failover does not work. So we have to remove hosted reference from substitution.xml files to make it work.

Solution:= Remove the following entries from ‘C:\breeze\comserv\linux\conf \Substitution.xml’ and ‘C:\breeze\comserv\win32\conf\ Substitution.xml’.


Restart the services of Adobe Connect and Flash Media server and then test the failover. It should work fine.

The bug number for this issue is #3176707


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