Participant Code does not come in Outlook Addin Meeting invite in C8.2.2


Participant Code does not display in Outlook Add-in Meeting invite’s Audio Conference details in Connect 8.2.2


By default,only conference number comes in default Outlook Add-in meeting invite like below:

Please join me in a Adobe Connect Meeting.

Meeting Name: attmeetingtest
Invited By: Jasmeet Bhatia (
Conference Number(s): Conference number:8666xxxx
To join the meeting:


In order for us to add Participant Code to Meeting Invite, we need to make following changes

  • Go to outlook.
  • Click on Add-ins.
  • Click on Preferences.
  • Select a Meeting room.
  • Then click on customize invitations.
  • Click on Edit Audio Conference.

  •  Put in Conference Number and Participant Code.

  • Click on Ok.
  • Then click on Apply to save it.


This will put conference details in the room’s meeting Invitation.

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