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Preparing Connect Servers for SSL 2048 Certificates

Problem: When a Connect server is running with untrusted, expired or private SSL certificates, Connect Meeting rooms will not launch. Preparing for the transition from 1024 to 2048 SSL certificates is very important for your Connect on-premise SSL-enabled servers.

When you click on a Connect Meeting URL, the initial browser that opens spawns a second browser (the Connect meeting addin):


It is this hand-off between browsers that requires a fully trusted public certificate to complete; the Meeting will hang upon loading if the certificate is untrusted:


During this hand-off between browser sessions, there is not any opportunity to click your way through an untrusted connection. The Meeting will simply hang.

Preparing your on-premise, SSL-enabled Connect servers for the transition from 1024 certificates to 2048 certificates is very important. Failure to upgrade your certificates as required will result in Meeting rooms hanging. There is s great FAQ page on the subject here on the Symantec website: 1024-bit Migration FAQs  Adobe’s SSL configuration documents and tutorials show where and how the SSL certificates are installed for both hardware-based load-balancing devices/SSL-accelerators or in stunnel:

If you are running on stunnel and are running stunnel on the Connect server directly, the transition to 2048 certificates will produce a greater CPU signature: The comparison between software-based vs. hardware-based offloaded and accelerated solutions like LTM is worth considering. The new 2048 certificates will have 70% penalty on CPU load as compared to current utilization stats. Check to see how much CPU stunnel is currently using with 1024 certificates and plan according for 70% more CPU than the current utilized.

If you are not sure whether you are currently running 1024 or 2048 certificates, use this handy tool from Symantec to check: Check your certificate installation

If your account is hosted by Adobe, then you are all set. When I plug in the domain name of an Adobe Connect hosted account for one of our training partners, Rexi Media, I get the following output:
Certificate information
Common name: *
SAN: *
Valid from: 2013-Feb-27 00:00:00
Valid to: 2014-Feb-28 23:59:59
Organization: Adobe Systems Incorporated
Organizational unit: DMBU Systems Engineering
City/locality: San Francisco
State/province: California
Country: US
Serial number: 7b8f272555087f6102773df671c95c3c
Algorithm type: SHA1withRSA
Key size: 2048
Application, Clustering, General, SSL