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September 11, 2013 /Recording /

Recording might get stuck on loading when a portion of it gets edited or seeked

Problem Description :

¤  You might find your Connect recording getting stuck on loading screen at times after you edit some portion of it or seek through the playbar.

¤  This can be caused when a recording has a Powerpoint shared in it and it is being edited from the beginning of it to a point where ppt was stopped sharing or if someone seeks to a point where ppt is not present,  when ppt is still loading.

Conditions when the issue can occur :

  1. Create a recording with ppt shared from the beginning
  2. Seek through the recording while the ppt is still  loading  OR
  3. Edit the part of the recording where ppt is present.
  4. Play the recording now

Environment :

Connect 9.1 Licensed/Hosted

Reason :

This is a known issue logged as bug#3609539. Our Engineering team is currently working on investigating the root cause and come up with a fix.


Begin the starting point of editing the recording a bit ahead in timeline than from the very beginning (so that the presentation gets time to load).