Remote Connect Edge servers occasionally freeze and require a restart of the AMSHttpCache.exe or FMSHTTPCache.exe process
(depending on the version of the Edge server).Restarting the Edge AMS or FMS services will also recover the functionality.

There are two approaches to this problem. One is to set up a scheduled service to restart the Edge and the other is to replace the
problematic AMS/FMShttpcache process with NGINX. Since the hang is intermittent and unpredictable, cycling the services will have
limited effectiveness. The best approach is to use NGINX as a caching workaround.

Before implementing the NGINX workaround on a remote Edge server, make certain that the remote Edge is fully functional
(except of course for the intermittent hanging). Test all feature functionality and insure proper connectivity with clients and
origin servers. If there are any configuration issues with the remote Edge (other than the intermittent hanging), be sure to
address those issues before implementing this workaround.

To implement the NGINX workaround, perform the following steps: