Special characters in Event email templates

Issue: When we try to customize the event email templates with special character than the invitation which you received has some garbled characters.


Create a new event
Go to email options

Click on customize event email.

Click on edit templates:

Add some special characters in the text

For example:


Publish the event and then you will receive the invitation as i-Cal in your outlook.

If we want we can edit the name of the event as well.

Make sure that you are activating the templates as well by following screen shot.

Publish the event and you will receive the invitation.

In this i-cal you will not see these special characters.

Reason for this issue:

When we allow users to add tags in email like {event-name},{description}, which we replace with the actual values while sending the mail. When we find some mismatch {, our mail parser fails and returns the mail as it is without replacing any further tags.}


We have tested and found this bug found in version of connects. This bug will be fixed in coming release which is 9.2.

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