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September 6, 2013 /General /

SWF Files Not Displaying Correct Font?

Have you ever uploaded a custom SWF file into an Adobe Connect meeting room and seen the custom font settings changed? For example, bold is lost, and font typeface is changed from a custom typeface to a basic serif typeface.

If you have seen this behavior, it is due to using a font in your SWF file that is not available in the Adobe Connect sandbox in which the SWF file is running.

There are three options for resolving this:

  1. Only use basic fonts in your SWF files.
  2. Embed the font in the SWF file. This should make the text in the SWF file appear exactly as designed (but see caveat below), and it will also increase the size of the SWF file to include the font information.
  3. Edit the font property settings in the SWF file to include generic font options, such as ‘sans-serif’, to be used along with the custom font. In this case, the font won’t match perfectly, but you could have at least some control over which basic font is used if the first choice is not available.

Note that of options two and three, the third is preferred since embedded fonts might not appear the same way in Mac vs PC environment, or even with smart phones and pad devices.