Telephony service monitor

Issue -: You need to check the connect telephony service availability as we have it for the connect app (/servlet/testbuilder)

Solution -: Use the telephony-service health check api to get telephony service status as follows:


Example – http://my-connect-server:9080/api/xml?action=get-health&shared-secret=breeze

On executing this API , You would get the below XML Response:

<status code=”Ok”/>
Parse the XML results from your custom app.

Note -:

1.This API has to be executed in web browser or any other custom web based app/AIR.

2. This API expects port 9080 to be opened between connect server and API requesting agent.

3. Tested on standalone connect server.

4. On custom.ini the TELEPHONY_SERVICE_SHARED_SECRET parameter is set to breeze (It is on encrypted format).



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