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October 1, 2013 /General /Meeting /Seminars /

Which remote clicker/mouse will work to advance slides in a Connect Meeting room?

Issue: When stand up training in front of a live audience is done in tandem with a remote audience in a Connect Meeting room, it is effective and fun to advance the slides in the Meeting room while dancing around your live audience instead of being tethered to a podium.

Problem: Some pointers will not advance slides in a Connect Meeting room!

Solution(s): Some advice from a celebrity panel of  Connect Presenters:

  • You must make certain the Meeting room is highlighted and in focus.
  • This cheap one is a favorite and works fine as long as the meeting is in focus. There is no need to have a mouse hover over the advance button or anything more than having the meeting room in focus
  • One of the Senior SEs suggested that once you click on the forward or backward arrows in the pod, (and then don’t click anywhere else!) the clicker should work.  He  always used the remote  McAlly Mouse.
  • Another team member suggests that the clickers only work when the PPT has focus. He will typically move the first slide ahead with the built-in track pad to move the cursor over the right arrow, then use the clicker for the rest of the deck
  • Another said that the Share pod needs to be “in focus” when using a clicker for presentations which have been uploaded.  When sharing the desktop it should work as you’d expect for a standard presentation.

My preferred option is the first. It is tiny and fits in my travel bag. It comes with a small zippered case and I keep the lithium battery out of it when not in use.

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