Captivate Prime what's new

A whole new world of learning with Captivate Prime

Graphics by Shaleen Gupta

Adobe Captivate Prime released a new update in April 2017, introducing a bunch of new and enhanced features for learners. There’s also a brand-new Instructor role.

Read on to learn more about the capabilities you get with the latest Adobe Captivate Prime.

Manage your home page using widgets

If you are a learner using Captivate Prime, there is a whole new experience awaiting you! Managing your enrollments has become easier than ever with the introduction of widgets on your home page. Just log in to see widgets indicating your progress, skills, learning calendar, and achievements. You can also view your upcoming courses and completed courses right here. All these in interactive infographics, making the experience merrier!

If there is a skill you want to hone, you can explore to see all the courses that are available to earn that skill.

For detailed information on the new home page, see Learner home page in Captivate Prime.

There’s a new mobile app for learners

Enjoy managing your Captivate Prime account from your mobile device (Android or IOS). There is a lot you can do with your Captivate Prime app – like sorting the learning objects, filtering them by type and completion status, and taking the courses. What’s best – you can even do all this while offline. Download courses and content onto your mobile phone to finish them while offline.

Wondering how to mark your attendance while taking a course? Log in to the mobile app and tap the QR scan code. The mobile camera opens with the scanning screen. Scan the QR code given by the instructor and mark the attendance in a few seconds.

To read more, see Captivate Prime leaner app for mobiles.

The new Instructor role

An instructor role comes with a lot of responsibilities. As an instructor, you must upload resource files, manage learners list, take sessions, mark attendance, among various other responsibilities. Playing this role is now easy with the new Instructor role in Captivate Prime.

When an author adds you as an instructor for a module in a course, you receive an email in your registered email ID. The email contains a link to the Instructor app. Click the link to go to the Captivate Prime login page. Log in to enter a whole new world in your new shoes.


For detailed information on the Instructor role, see Instructors in Captivate Prime