by Kaushal Mall


October 24, 2011

I have been working as a Content Management professional for almost four years and have worked with over ten clients primarily on the Vignette product stack and a few short ones on the FatWire product stacks.

I still remember my first project in early 2008 at a very disgruntled client. They had been using the product for a while and the implementation had gone horrendously bad with one company, so they decided to show them the door and have us come and do the work. Although, they had kicked out the previous company, they forgot to kick out their grievances. As a fresh graduate, this was quite a shocker for me, I kept thinking how can someone be spending hundreds and thousands of dollars and still be so unhappy with the end result.

Since then I have worked with many other clients, none of whom have been really happy with their CMS implementations. Everyone just learns to get used to it, and, find ways to get things working. Whether its the correct (read supported) way or not.

After my first couple of projects, I always thought that life would be so much easier for us technical consultants and cheaper for clients if there was an offering where the content would be stored in a central location and there were ways to build applications around that to achieve exactly what the clients wanted. I always believed having a standardized approach around content management was the way to go.

You can now imagine why being hired by Adobe as a CQ consultant is like a dream come true for me. I can’t wait for my life to be “easier” as a Content Management professional.


  • By Grant Brookes - 12:01 AM on October 25, 2011  

    I think i would say, for the level i have been working for, been pretty satisfied with CMS’s and even my clients have also been, if you need to maximize your productivity while staying organized in the management of your site, you cannot ignore the importance of CMS. The best advantage i have had using the CMS was Separation of content, structure, and presentation / Maintain design consistency & the best part was HTML knowledge not required / No need for separate web design software