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February 10, 2012

How to save nodes to a dynamic path when using scaffolding

The out of the box scaffolding lets you choose a target path which where all the pages you create using the scaffolding will be stored.

I recently ran into a use case where the client wanted to save the pages to a dynamic path based on the date on which the page was created. One can achieve the fore mentioned use case by doing something similar to what I will lay out in this blog post.

1. Override the out of the box wcm/scaffolding path by creating the same path structure in the apps folder. The new structure should look like below.

You can copy the contents of the folder in the apps directory from the libs directory.

2. We will have to update the wcm/scaffolding/components/scaffolding/body.jsp file to add our custom code to change the save location.

  • Make sure the following classes are imported.
  • The code to get the current date

  • In the myForm.addButton method, update the out of the box code to change the formUrl to your dynamic value. Code below.


That should be it! You are now saving pages created using a scaffolding in dynamic locations

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