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June 6, 2012

How to fix CRXDE performance issues

Is CRXDE too slow or is not loading at all? Try these steps below to possibly fix the issue.

Make sure the crxde:paths property doesn’t include anything that you dont want to load in CRXDE.

  • Open the Content Explorer and browse to¬†/etc/crxde/profiles/default, on the right hand panel there will be the crxde:paths property, this defines what nodes CRXDE will try to load. Having nodes like /content will make it slow/unresponsive.

Locate and open the CRXDE.ini file and assign more memory to CRXDE.

  • On OSX right click on and select Show Package Contents.
  • Browse to Contents/MacOS
  • Open the CRXDE.ini file and change the values for Xms, Xmx and the MaxPermSize to suit your needs and what your system will support.

Delete the .crxde folder

  • CRXDE created a hidden .crxde folder under the users home directory.
  • Delete that folder

Start CRXDE from command line.

  • Open -a CRXDE –args -clean (This is for OSX only)

Hope this helps. Please leave a comment/question and I will try to answer them as soon as I can.

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