Adobe Contribute – Blogging Now Made Easier


Adobe Contribute – Blogging Now Made Easier!!

Adobe Contribute is flavored with support for Blogging along with web-publishing. It supports highly popular blog servers like,,, and custom installations of WordPress, Movable Type (Including Adobe internal/external blogs) etc. If you have an account in any of these blog servers, just create connection(s) to your favorite blog server(s) in Contribute and start Blogging on any of your connected blogs. Contribute allows you to save drafts, so you can even blog it in your draft even when you are not connected to internet, say you are flying, and once connected just one click Publish will post your blog.

Key Blog Features in Adobe Contribute 4

  • Real WYSIWYG editing: A Unique mechanism, where your blog template will be downloaded and shows you a complete WYSIWYG editing experience before even you publish your post, no “preview” required.
  • Easily manage your blog entries: You can View / Edit / Delete / Create / List blog entries in your blog. Browse to the list of entries and click on View / Edit / Delete, it’s that easy
  • Post to Blog: Post the interesting contents from office doc or form aggregator like NetNewsWire and FeedDemon or from browsers using Post To Blog functionality.
  • Rich media support :  Drag and drop JPEG, GIF, PNG, MOV, WMF, SWF, and FLV into your blog entries and they’re properly inserted and automatically uploaded.
  • Easy Tagging:  Full support for generating and placing Technorati-style tags in your blog entries
  • Easy Enclosures:  Full support for adding multimedia file enclosures to facilitate podcasting, screencasting, videocasting

Key Blog Features in Adobe Contribute CS3 & CS4

  • Support for New Blogger: has upgraded its atom implementation by allowing users to sign-in with the gmail authentication. Contribute supports this..
  • Insert Rich Media From the Internet: You can now insert Images, PDF Documents, Videos, Flash SWF files from the internet directly into your blogs.
  • Insert HTML Snippet: Wanted to insert the You tube video embed URL’s inside your blog entry? Now it’s built inside the product. You can insert other HTML Snippets as well.
  • Enhanced Easy blog management: You can now browse to your blog entries easily, edit them easily, delete them easily from your blog home page url.
  •  Multiple Categories & Trackbacks: we now support allowing user to select multiple categories or enter multiple trackback url’s at one stretch instead of doing it multiple times
  • Roller Blog: Support ROLLER blog also.
  • Preview in Browser for blogs: we now have the facility to preview your blog entry before you publish, how-ever you don’t need it with contribute to the large extent as we are WYSIWYG already.
  • Date and Time on your blogs: you can now choose to have your own (past or future or present) date and time set on your blog entries before you publish.
  • Dynamic Website Editing: Add content to dynamic websites powered by Movable Type, Typepad or WordPress with Contribute CS4. Simply define your Contribute site with the proper settings, and site content is instantly available for updating.
  • Visual Blog Configuration: This feature aims to provide visual interface for users to modify the contents of the BlogHub.CSI file, which provides the users with options to control his/her editing experience while editing an entry (regular blog entry and Pages, if supported) in that blog site.
  • Blojsom Support: We now officially support Blojsom blog server as well.

This is how the entry in Edit mode looks…

Edit mode of an entry

I will cover details of each of the above features in future posts.

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2 Responses to Adobe Contribute – Blogging Now Made Easier

  1. Doug Hill says:

    True there is a lot that is made easier but I would have liked to have seen the menu for editing and adding new posts to blogs revisited. Selection of categories is buggy and sometimes freezes contribute and tagging posts does a great job of putting links into the Technorati-style but they are inside the content of the post which is not in sync with formatting templates and integration like WordPress for one.

    I hear they are discontinuing Contribute which is a real let down to know this application didn’t take off with full support and continued development as the future of blogging and personal online space continues to grow and grow.

    • Doug Hill says:

      Ignore what I said about discontinuing. I thought I had read that somewhere in some updates about Contribute for future releases however I must have been mistaken since I have further read details about CS5 etc. Apologies.