In Browser Editor


Editing a live web page\blog entry by just a click of a button in a browser.

     This can be achieved using the latest version of Contribute i.e. Contribute CS4.

     Contribute In Browser Editor provides you the capability to edit a web page\blog entry from a browser by just clicking “Edit” button of Contribute toolbar, the whole browser transforms into a powerful WYSIWYG editing experience. 

    What you see is truly what you get, including where images, pdf and other multimedia are placed and user can insert/delete links, tables, images, pdf, swf, videos, modify page properties and publish the changes by just clicking a publish button like you do from powerful Contribute Desktop client.


     The only requirement is to have the installation of the Contribute in the same machine but the ability to edit a page inside the browser makes content updating quick and simple.

     The browsers supported includes Firefox 2 and 3 on Windows and Mac and Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7 on Windows.

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One Response to In Browser Editor

  1. paul says:

    contibute looks great – does each client ( web dite ) need a copy + does it need a subscription – Ive heard there will be a charge – whats the latest on this