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Best practices for including SWF in your blog posts


Best practices for including SWF in your blog posts while posting from Contribute

There are few best practices which can be followed for including SWF in your blog posts to make sure that the readers have a good experience.

  • Do not auto-play the SWF file(s) as there’s nothing worse than going to a blog, which includes multiple posts with SWF files in them and have them all auto-play at the same time. Users encountering this issue and are unlikely to come back on the same blog again.

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WYSIWYG Editing of DRUPAL Content


WYSIWYG editing of sites managed by DRUPAL!!!!

Adobe Contribute is a WYSIWYG editor which helps the user in creating and managing the website content as well as creating and editing of the blog entries. It supports movable type, WordPress and Typepad.

As most of you might know, Drupal helps to host sites and also enables the user to edit/view the content using blog editors via blogAPI.

In the following sections, lets see how Contribute can help in WYSIWYG editing of the web content managed by Drupal.


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Apply Dreamweaver Templates to your office content and make it part of the web in a few clicks using Contribute Office Toolbar


You can use Contribute’s Office toolbar to apply Dreamweaver templates to your offline data in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook and publish it to your web site. This article explains about Dreamweaver templates and how to apply Dreamweaver templates to office content and make it part of the web in a very few clicks.

Dreamweaver Templates

A Dreamweaver template contains a preset page layout and includes elements such as text and images. A template gives you a starting point for new web pages and blogs. Using a template can ensure that the pages on your website or blog have a consistent look.


var addthis_pub=”dmichael”;


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Rendering Rich Media in Edit Mode


How to stop contribute from rendering Rich Media Content in Edit Mode?

Contribute allows users to add media contents like PDF ; Flash (swf & Video) ;
Images in a web page.

Contribute also renders these media objects during editing, giving a WYSIWYG edit experience.
While in Browse mode, the Contribute’s workspace is of course just an embedded browser – Safari & IE on Mac and Windows respectively. Let’s talk about rendering in browse mode separately, since it’s a different arena.

Is this a boon or a bane?  When everything is fine, all are very happy.

Everything fine?

Contribute uses plugins to render the media files in Edit mode. Whenever there is an update/release in any of these dependent
components then there might be issues ranging from minor to major ones.   

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Auto Save In Contribute


Do you know that data loss can be prevented using the Auto save feature in Contribute?

Users don’t have to worry about the data loss due to any unexpected events. Users can define the preferences once and stop worrying thereafter.

Just define the auto save frequency up to as low as 1 minute and save your time of rewriting the content in the case of unexpected crash

Auto save feature in Contribute saves the drafts at specified time intervals.

Following steps explains how to enable Auto save:

1. Launch Contribute Application

2. Go to Edit -> Preferences (Contribute -> Preferences in MAC).

3. Go to the second option “Editing” in the left panel

4. Enable Auto save and set the time between the ranges of 1 – 120 (minutes).

5. Contribute saves the draft at specified time intervals.

Click on the below image to view flash movie on “Enabling Auto save in Contribute

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