Apply Dreamweaver Templates to your office content and make it part of the web in a few clicks using Contribute Office Toolbar


You can use Contribute’s Office toolbar to apply Dreamweaver templates to your offline data in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook and publish it to your web site. This article explains about Dreamweaver templates and how to apply Dreamweaver templates to office content and make it part of the web in a very few clicks.

Dreamweaver Templates

A Dreamweaver template contains a preset page layout and includes elements such as text and images. A template gives you a starting point for new web pages and blogs. Using a template can ensure that the pages on your website or blog have a consistent look.


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For example, on a company’s internal website, the company employee template might contain basic elements and provide sections for employee information. Suppose the template has the company logo and address, and blank sections for the employee’s name, department, phone number, and picture. Any new employee page based on the company employee template inherits the same page layout.

In a template, the designer creates regions to control which elements of a template-based page you can edit. There are editable regions in a template, which you can edit, and locked regions, which you can’t edit. In the employee template example, the company logo and address might be in a locked region. The employee information sections would be editable regions. The locked and editable regions in a sample template’s page are shown in the figure below.

Sample Dreamweaver Template's page

In Contribute you can create a page using the Dreamweaver template and put the content in editable regions and publish without bothering about the rest of the area of the page. The published page will look consistent with other pages in the website.


How can you apply Dreamweaver templates to office content and make it part of the web?

Contribute has small and very simple toolbar that gets added to Microsoft Word, Excel and outlook’s toolbar ribbon after contribute installation. The toolbar has three functional buttons as shown below.

You can either open the office content in Contribute for further editing or directly publish to the website using any one of the available formats.


Opening office content in Contribute

If you want to perform further formatting or editing inside Contribute, you can click on the ‘Open in Contribute’ button in the toolbar. Then contribute toolbar will launch contribute and brings up the following ‘Site Selection’ dialog. This dialog allows you to select the website where you want to publish the office content and also it allows you to apply dreamweaver templates to your office content. You can also create a connection to website if there is no connection established to the website already.

After selecting the website, clicking on ‘Choose Template’ button will bring up following ‘Choose Template’ dialog.

In the above ‘Choose Template’ dialog, you can select the template you want to apply and editable region where you want to place your office content. Then on clicking OK, Contribute will create a new webpage using the selected template and inserts the office content in the selected editable region. Then you can either modify or format the content in the editable region inside Contribute or publish to website. Now the published page will have all formatting which was defined in the template and content in one of the selected editable region and page looks like professional web page.


Publishing Office content to website directly

The office content can also be published to website directly. On clicking ‘Publish To Web’ button in the toolbar will bring up the following ‘Publish To Web’ dialog.

In this dialog you can select to website to publish your office content, also the target format of the office content. If you select .doc(x)/.xls(x) or .pdf, the office content will be published in selected format to ‘documents’ folder within site.

If you select the .html format, then you can apply dreamweaver template to office content and publish. The published page will have all formatting defined in the template and the office content inside the selected editable region. On clicking ‘Choose Template’ button will bring up the ‘Choose Template’ dialog that allows you to select the template you wish to apply and the editable region you want place the office content.

Here is the video demo of the complete workflow

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  1. Been using DW and Contribute for many years (I now have CS4 versions)and I never knew DW templates would work in MS Word. Brilliant and can’t wait to give it a try! Well Done.

  2. rong says:

    I’m regularly posting to my blog and would be keen to use Word add-ins to directly post or with Adobe Contribute CS3 although it recognizes Blogger, Typepad, WordPress and Movepad no VOX. How to connect with VOX?

  3. Les Reta says:


    Attempting to get this website goign smoothly on my macintosh but it won’t work.

    Regards from Mongolia